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Unmountable_Boot_Volume on Dell Inspiron 1501

Okay, so as some of you may have seen a previous post about me calling dell about my harddrive.
Well when this happened, a month before i called dell, i got a BSOD on bootup, saying UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME. So with that i figured i might as well try a format, and see what happens. But before i did, i ran a diagnostics, and it came back as failed. So then i proceeded to format out of curiousity. The format was a success, but in windows, it was running slowly.

So a month later i call dell. They ask me to do what i did the month before basically, then they ship me a new harddrive. So thats fine, i got my harddrive a week or 2 ago. It's been working fine until tonight. I noticed my laptop was running slow, so, i decided to reboot (since i use hibernate alot on my laptop and i reboot when necessary or twice a week). So i reboot, and i get this BSOD , saying Unmountable boot Volume once again! So i hop on this pc, and have a look on google for a solution to this, since this is a new harddrive. I found this

And i tried to do that. I tried chkdsk /r and it stopped at 26% and gives me
"The volume appears to contain one or more unrecoverable problems."

So i'm guessing my new hd i just got is pretty much borked. My warranty is due to expire january 4th. I'm going to be at my dads all christmas holidays, cuz my grandparents are going to my aunts for christmas (monday coming actually), and they dont get back till the 6th (the laptop is in my grandfathers name btw).

So.... I am really really ticked here... Is there anything anyone can suggest i do as far as recovery goes? Cuz i got alot of coding work on there, that i'd like to salvage if possible. I have SOME backups, but some of it is original documents so... yeah...
Nvm i called my dad and i can get my harddrive shipped to his house. So i just called up dell and they're replacing it ... again xD

I was very tempted to try the "Freezer trick" to try to recover some data. My friend told me about it and said that PCMedic did that with his instead of actually replacing it.

AND i found out my warranty is good til 2010 1 year warranty + 3 extended Razz so i'm good for another year.
When you get your computer back up and running, do yourself a favor and periodically back up your data.
brokenadvice wrote:
When you get your computer back up and running, do yourself a favor and periodically back up your data.
I usually back up my important files, like source code and such, but since i had only gotten my harddrive a few weeks ago, i didnt expect it to go that fast so i didnt bother backing anything up. It's nothing i can't really get back anyways, i usually send alot of my source to one of my mates anyways so ;P
I solved this problem several times using the command "CHKDSK / R" (without quotation marks), you can run it in "the Recovery Console" (Windows XP) or "Command Prompt" (Windows Vista, after starting from the DVD)
Other Microsoft documentation:

Good Luck!
Resolves an issue of opening up the recovery console, and using the options.

Fixmbr and Fixboot

In sequence, restarted and worked normally
I also got a similar error quite a while ago, also on a DELL computer actually. I fixed it by resizing the partition with a GParted live CD.

The difference though was that it occurred due to a low system battery voltage.
I'm not convinced it is the hard drive. The fact that 2 hard drives have had the same symptoms is a bit suspect. Hard drives don't fail that often. I would be asking Dell to look at the whole PC. I suspect it could possibly be the PSU that is not supplying enough power to the drive, or "dirty" power and that in turn is causing the drive to misbehave.
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