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Any ways to make cd/dvd based programs portable?

I recently got a decently sized flash drive (16 GB), and I've been loading a few of my favorite programs, such as audacity and firefox, onto it. However, I've been wanting to put a game or two on as well, so is there any way to make games on a CD or DVD portable? I know how to make downloaded programs portable with the install extractor thing and winRAR, but that supposedly can't be done with CD's or DVD's. It would be preferred that it can run using an ISO with Magic Disc(I've tried installing an old game on it, and it launches fine from the drive with the real disc, but it doesn't recognize the ISO). I've also tried it with some old games that I know run with the ISO (Red Alert and Tiberium Dawn), but it gave me an error from just copying all the game data to the drive, and it won't install directly onto the flash drive because it doesn't think it's a real drive, although it recognizes it for an install path(these games are ancient, but I would think it would still work). Sorry if this confused people with all the running on, but a useful response would be appreciated.
I think I know what you are talking about, but let me make sure.

1. Are you trying to run the games off of the USB Drive itself?

2. Or are you just trying to get the files on the drive so that you can install them off the drive on to a computer?

If number 1, I don't see what you couldn't try just to change the install path when you install the game so that the game gets installed on your drive. But it won't work on too many games because the game is also installed in you main computers system registry and usally stores information in the Documents folder.

If Number 2, no problem at all. Just burn the CD/DVD with nero or a like good burning program to the hard drive as an ISO file. Then download and install deamon tools (Like ISO Magic, but better and free) to mount that image. Then goto [url][/url] and find the your games no cd/dvd fix so that you can play it with out the CD/DVD and it will have instructions with the file how to use it. Then copy all of that, the ISO, Deamon Tools, and the fix, (and current patches for the game) into one file on your USB drive then you can us that drive to istall and play the game on your computer.
you can google for portable stuff.. many people have made portable versions of almost anything.. as for games you are usually able to copy the program files folder and then just open the exe...

ok, just though that there might be some problems with it running or putting registry entries if i did that
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