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Is it possible to.....

Ban people from my forums by banning there computer?

because i have these people that i know IRL that keep making accounts on my forums and spamming things everytime i ban there I.P. they just get a new one >< so what i have done at the moment is all accounts made cant post unless i put them into a group that i have made which is stupid kos if someone makes and account on my forums and tries to post when im not on there going to get angry and never come back ><
If they are noobs then of course it is possible.

Easiest is to give them some cookie (use $_COOKIE from php) and then block all users with said cookie...of course if they delete their cookies you won't be able to tell who they are again...

Also you probably want to install some kind of proxy-blocker so they cant access your forum through a proxy, thereby changing their ip address.

Other than that you cant really block them. Why not just not give a ****** about it for a couple of days, I'm sure the fun will go out of spamming your forum. (Poor them, nothing better to do with their time...)
make it so you have to validate the accounts before they are enabled, maybe block their ip range. Make a script to check if there is a webpage on the ip (webbased proxies) and block the ips who have a webserver. Check the $_SERVER superglobal and see if they maybe use transparent proxies.
Combine all that with the cookies and it won't be as easy to register multiple accounts and abuse it any more.
okay sounds good, but uhh i dunno how to do that ><
can you give me a code to do it?
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