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Anyways, it is time you wake up.
She wants you.

It is sometimes hard for a girl to break up with someone if this person has some kind of weight over her. She will continue till things really can't go on anymore.

This girl obviously wants you to be her next boyfriend but has a hardtime breaking up with her last boyfriend. She drops you hints about how you are better then him in ways.

ANYWAYS, her ex might have a bit more testosterone then you do by what I read in your message. You might be to nice to the girl in ways. Don't be a puppy. I don't say you should not be so nice, just be more mature about it Wink show her what your goals in life are. tell her that you aren't seeing anyone because the one you want is occupied.

if you don't make a move, why shouldn't she give the ex a chance? look at it from her point of view.

if you truly want her, she is yours Wink
Well, joomla got to the bottom of it, I guess. But I like to add something. I really hate when a girl put a man into a comparison slot with another. It is like telling you, you are good, but that one is better as you'll never be better than the (ex) at (everything).

Good luck man and wish you the best
Man, she likes you, but don't expect something "heavy" like commitments. Othewise, she'd burn you.
This sounds exactly like me and my boyfriend.

We broke up after 3 or 4 months together when we 13/14 because of distance (1.5 hours public transport). Just like I wanted him back, she wants you. She's behaving exactly like I did.

Your perspective:
She flirts with you, you're not sure if she's flirting with you. You like her... so maybe you only want to believe she's flirting with you and it's all in your head. So you don't flirt back. Suddenly she's back to "just friends", looks like it was just in your head. How confusing.

Her perspective:
She doesn't make a move because she presumes you've moved on. But she hopes you're still interested, so she flirts with you. She waits to see if you flirt back. You don't. She feels embarassed and quickly covers it up or changes the topic. You obviously aren't interested anymore.

And to explain why she's dating other guys... for me it was a distraction. A replacement for the guy I couldn't have, hoping I'd find someone else I could have the same feelings for.
She probably doesn't think she can have you, so she has to force herself to try and feel for someone else.

I dated other guys knowing that if Tim wanted me back I'd dump them in a flash for him. Sounds like she's doing the same thing.
bestmobilestuff wrote:
Me & this girl were into each other, but we never ended up dating. We recently reached closure & decided to stay just as friends due to the long distance between us. But now, I’m not sure how she feels. read on...

-when we spoke about our relationship, she said things like “friends for now”, as if leaving things open
-since then, she called me her lover. After calling me her lover, she said “anyways…” how is that important? Well, I once asked her on msn about stuff that was going on in her life & she said something like “thanks for asking! my ex was never interested in anything” & then she wrote “ANYWAYS!” in big capital letters, so I feel like she may be giving me hints.
-when I say bye to her on msn, she always says love you or something sweet (other than just “bye”) & she often uses hearts when she talks to me (not always, but alot).
-we’ve had long talks since then, often about not that much, just hanging out - talks that can go up to 2 or 3 hours of just casual talk
-she told me she had a dream where she came with her family to see my family. While our siblings went to go get pizza, we went to the basement to watch a DVD of our favourite show. We eventually ended up kissing. In reality, we never kissed, but her dream holds many parallels to reality. We do love the same show & we had pizza in my basement the day that I met her. I asked her what she thought it meant & she said that she thought it confirmed her feelings for me & that she could trust me.
- she’s written on my facebook wall late at night how she’s thinking of me & that she misses "her boy" (a couple occasions only, but i'm just writing whatever may bear signifigance)
-she told me I’m a special boy in her life
-she jokingly implied that she’d give me a lapdance next time I saw her (like a one out of a thousand chance). Then she said there'd be 100 out of that thousand, there’d be a chance that we were dating.

- went to go see her at a party, she seemed happy to see me, we hugged, spoke, she asked me about my relationship status & took an interest in why i was still single. she introduced me to a good chunk of her friends, who seemed to be looking at me as if they had heard all about me.

- we had a moment where we just stared at each other smiling, there was times when our hands & arms would brush against each other casually, she even touched my arm (supposed to be a good sign). basically, she seemed to have no problem being physical, but still subtle. there was even a moment where we were sitting next to each other on a bench & she leaned into me as if she wanted me to put my arm around her (i did)

- i still didn't spend that much time with her, though, because her recent ex showed up. she never told me she had a boyfriend, but she explained to me later that she wasn't really telling anybody (seemed to be telling the truth). she also told me how he would neglect her & put her off for his friends. i was sitting with her & her friends at one point in the night & she got a text from him. she showed her friends & they teased her about it. then she showed me - it was basically stuff like "i love you, i'm sorry, you're beautiful". she didn't seem too impressed by it.

- i spent most of the night with her friends, but it wasn't so bad. her friends seemed to like me & i know there was at least one instance where two of them were looking at me from a different side & talking low.

- i think she likes me, but it's confusing cause why would she date another guy? anyways, what do you think?

In my own experience, usually if there is confusion, there will always be confusion. Almost like relationships have their own templates and if you are channelled in properly, you can feel it right from the start. You have been feeling confusion? If the relationship was meant to be as a proper unconfused normal relationship, it would have happened a long time ago. Perhaps time to meet more people? And let go? The confusion may just become more intense?
To put it bluntly, girls can be VERY confusing sometimes and other times they can tell guys straight up that they like them but because us guys are so confused to begin with, we often miss these blunt things. If the girls flirting with you and putting down her boyfriend she obviously likes you, the only reason she's probably still with the other guy is because your far away and havn't made a move yet. I suggest making some sort of move on the girl and if it goes well, continue making moves. If you both flirt with each other, things will progress. If she is the only one flirting, eventually she will give up. Don't wait for that to happen Wink. It sounds like shes waiting for you to "whisk her away" from her "big bad boyfriend". Sounds like something out of a fairy-tale but girls like this usually go for the whole prince charming thing. As long as its not overdone Wink. Plain and simple? Save this girl from the "bad guy" Smile
don't expect anything, and don't take life too seriously
I agree she is giving you hints about her interest, but since you don't aswer them back, so, she did not continue farther.

If you want to know if she really likes you, give her some feedback next time she flirts with you, if she doesn't refuse, so go on. If she ignores your feedback, so, she is nice and lovely with you, but she doesn't see you as a couple.

I always prefer the sincere talking, but many people get frightened about it. I think one should not guess, in case of doubt, ASK. And for me it applies to personal relationships.

Maybe bringing the topic, could be useful.
Damn man, that's so easy to read! She's been waiting for you to pick her up, spin her around, and tell her you want to be with her. You took your sweet time, so she couldn't wait, and she needed some way to keep her mind off you: by getting with some random guy!

I see that distance is a problem, and you might not want to make any commitments, so this might be a problem, but I think you guys should just sit down. Sit down and talk about it, how you two feel, how her getting with that guy makes you feel, how confused she makes you feel, whether or not you guys should be together, etc. Just talk to her, clear your mind of the confusion.
man you are in trouble..she is not going to tell you but you are a plan B which rite now, looks better than the plan A which eventually should fail according to her. So the sooner you get to her(closer), the better it is cuz she she still values her ex-messages to show them to her friends. Make a move, and make it fast. She is obviously waiting for you to make some move. And she seems like a fun-lovin do something shell remember 4ever...unique and extremely surprising. Girls love to be surprised.
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