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need feed back which os is best

please which os is best for core 2 duo 1 gb ram..
{name here}
tushar_gangwal wrote:
please which os is best for core 2 duo 1 gb ram..

I run XP on a similar setup, but really either one would work just fine, effects or not. Since XP is going to be phased out quicker than Vista, it might be in your best interest to go with it.
It would depend on your processor speed. I wouldn't run Vista with under 2.0 GHz of processor power, it wouldn't work as nice. Also, for 1GB of RAM is a little low. I am running XP with 3.0 GHz dual core and 2.5 GB of ram and it runs perfectly.

Also buying a laptop soon and it is coming with Vista, it has 2.0 GHz and 2 GB of ram. I hope it will run it fine, if not I'll downgrade to XP.

Hope this helps.
for 1GB RAM, I suggest using XP. But I recommend you to add at least one more RAM to your current configuration, since the price of RAM is very cheap now.
stay on windows XP, wait and see how reliable is the new VISTA.. named Windows 7.
Fire Boar
Don't use Vista on 1 GB of RAM, your performance will definitely suffer for it if you do. If you want a Windows operating system, go with XP SP2.
Rock, Windows 7 is not Vista. Windows 7 is basically just, for now, called Windows 7. The interface is different, and there are a lot more features so it's no where near Vista.

Upgrading is defiantly an idea, although XP or a Linux operating system would benefit.
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Diablosblizz: rockacola was talking about "the new Vista", in other words, the one that Microsoft hasn't released yet. Windows 7. Windows 7 is apparently what Vista was supposed to be, and although I won't be getting excited about it, I know many people are, and have a good reason to be.

Though here's the thing. Though the front-end interface seems to be a lot more responsive on Windows 7 than Vista, the actual time required to process tasks used in benchmarks is exactly the same. Microsoft have realized that when people want a speedy OS, they want the front end to be speedy and responsive, and that's where they concentrated their efforts. Whether that's a good thing or not is open to interpretation.
Under 1 gig of ram... it's easy... XP. Vista wants to eat your ram as if your ram is a buffet and Vista hasn't eaten in 9 days.
You would surely loose some hair if you try running Vista on anything less than 2 GB
1 Gb may look fine initially but with time your system will get irritatingly slow.

Get atleast 2Gb of RAM if you want to go for vista. Also for respectable performance on vista would suggest processor atleast 2 GHz

I personally prefer using XP(when using windows , I use LINUX) even when i have hardware to support vista. XP may be phased out but i'm not among the people who need Microsoft support.
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Actually, XP isn't officially phased out, nor will it be until 2014.
oopsie !! i probably didn't write it clearly ..i actually meant "XP may be phased out (in future) ......"
I'd agree that if you're only using 1GB of RAM, go with XP. Vista will run on 1GB of RAM, but it would work far better with 2GB.
Also depends on what your using your pc for. I do alot of image editing and music production and I heard alot of my plugins and filters werent fully compatible with Vista so I stuck with Xp. If you wanna try out Vista though ram is pretty cheap.
I would strongly recommend CentOS 5. You can have a RHEL5-like distribution for free and for any purpose.
Additionally if you'd like to some other "capacities" of your computer, you could try PC-BSD:

Best regards
Fire Boar
albuferque wrote:
I would strongly recommend CentOS 5. You can have a RHEL5-like distribution for free and for any purpose.
Additionally if you'd like to some other "capacities" of your computer, you could try PC-BSD:

Best regards

Hm, well done for plugging Linux in a thread where the user asked for either Windows XP or Windows Vista... that said, Linux IS a viable option, provided you're not going to freak out at the lack of a start menu.
I am primarily Linux/Mac user, however since the question is for XP and Vista then I will stick to topic. In my experience, it really depends on what exactly are your needs. Both os'es are fine for desktop usage, you can say that XP is light on resources as compared to Vista. However Vista is much more stable OS as compared to XP and much more security features built in. I have Vista system that I use for gaming, and I have not had to reinstall Vista since the day I bought that system (2 years ago). So IMHO VIsta is better, however if you are light on resources then XP can do the job too with decent security protection software.

unless you upgrade your RAM setup
Here's a nice and easy guide for choosing the right one:

1. if reliability is an issue, go with XP
2. if you like to play games, take a chance with Vista
3. if you are concerned about security, get XP
4. if you think aeroglass effects are cool, get Vista ( it will work ok with 1gb ram
5. if you multitask or if speed is important, get XP
6. If money is an issue, get XP
7. if you don't want to spend time tweaking things, get XP
8. if support is an issue, you might want vista (XP support ends in 2010)
9. if you don't like trying new things, get XP
10. if you want all your geek friend to mock you, get Vista

there, nice and simple
Much discussion about everyone's favourite OS -

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