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i hate my name

if you have given a chance to change your name what do you like?... Very Happy
Phoenix Xalmer.... Very Happy
Kidding. Actually, I've never really thought of this... I think I like my name just fine.
hmmm I like to be called Ken(which is just my name sortened)
but I'd like the name Locke...I unno why...mabye cause I love Locke in FFVI XD
i would like a name with less sylables (dunno how to spell i just know how to clap to it)
i want to change my name to ric....three letter word easy to remember Very Happy
if i have the chance to change my name, maybe i would use Tom but its too normal, so i may dont use it, maybe one that very little men use, but easy to rember.
do u think ur name how to make will bring u luck? i am not,but i still not like my name ,it is too normal,i want name a special name let people remember me when that call me
Your name should signify what you will do with your life,your character,your depth, your first hand introduction.

look at these
Darth vader-i amfear,death,dark.
Luke Skywalker-he walks skies,flies space ships,nukes deathstar.
i'm fine with my own name, but i would really like to change my looks, ahahaha...
well, i feel pretty well with my name! but if I, for some reason, didn't like it and wanted to change it, i would be to joao(john) or andrι(andrew)... but i can't look to myself with another name.... that's strange dude!
I think I will just remove my middle name if I have a chance cuz it has a negative meaning in English...
i wanted my name to be somthing else longer, cuz right now, my name is weird, people keep makin fun of me cuz my name is the same as a last name and its luk like a girls name
Jeez I have thought of this a lot.

I really would like Wolfgang Lockheart for my name. It just goes with lockwolf really well Wink . But everyone just calls me by my last name, I dont care.
if i would be given the chance to change my name i think i would probably choose clarck kent!
lol Laughing
budazz wrote:
i want to change my name to ric....three letter word easy to remember Very Happy

hey what is your current name budazz?
It seems that a lot of ppl hate their own name

hm....u can just make your fd call your nickname is ok

but if i have chance to change my name, i will call myself Tracy--a popular name

Been Hoek.
Che wrote:
budazz wrote:
i want to change my name to ric....three letter word easy to remember Very Happy

hey what is your current name budazz?

pedro...haha.... Very Happy
I'm fine with my name, but I wouldn't mind going by Ellis, my middle name, either.
Jet Li
I like both my online name and my real name fine... Actually, I would not like to change them; they distinguish me from everyone else.
drandyy wrote:
Jet Li
please make it longer or else you will be an spammer Cool
i'm sure you'll parent would be so dissapointeed if you change your name behind their back. i have the strangest name in the world and nobody will have the same name with me until the end of the world. i don't like my name either, i i'm just try to enjoy it.
I like both my real name (lloyd irvin) and my username (threezeroone). My parents did a great job in giving me such name. Smile
My full name is Dmitriy....
It think its ok Wink
My real name is Ulmas.. and my nick is ulmas. oops..

I have ulmas, my real name, as my nickname on all forums. After all, there are really not much people who would know that ulmas is my real name!

Or is there anyone here who knew that ulmas is my real name?

Actually my name was of some problems to me at school as fellows called by the name of a not-really pleasant fairytell hero (Kashey Bezsmertnyy, Dimaod knows him!).

But I will change my name in now way! Because girls say it sounds cute! Embarassed besides, it is kinda unique..
Dimaod wrote:
My full name is Dmitriy....
It think its ok Wink

how do you pronounce it?....but i think you have cool name Very Happy
Mine would be something like Clark Kent or maybe even superman while reading this post was reminded of all the antics prince did in changeing his name back and forth
to something like kuroneko...>.<
my name is inma (spanish name) but i would like iratxe(Basque name) Wink
Whoa, I am not the guy who wants to change his name. I am fine as it is. However, if given a chance, I would surely like to change my surname! Its 8 letters!
like what?...give the 8 word name you like Very Happy
I love my name: Nghĩa. And I will chose Nghĩa if I have a change to chose my name again.
budazz wrote:
Dimaod wrote:
My full name is Dmitriy....
It think its ok Wink

how do you pronounce it?....but i think you have cool name Very Happy

I like mu name....
Dmitriy is full wariant....
All calling me Dima
budazz wrote:
if you have given a chance to change your name what do you like?... Very Happy

Hi budazz!
What? What do you mean?
You think everyone over the world enjoys to change their name if they have a chance, don't you?
All of their names, I think it's very OK - from their parents. What's name you want to change Budazz? Name of any president or singers or any famous person.
mybe something catchy
Koopa Very Happy
That's an interresting question... but i've seen the most part of the world population is disapointed with their name... but, when they change the name most part ...
criticaldensity wrote:
Koopa Very Happy

i think ill change my name to Mario.... Cool
If I changed my name. I'd probably change it to George. Or Bob. Maybe Infinity. Or Oatmeal. Maybe even Simbalabaskamfa...
yes i hate my name too.if i have a chance to change my name i will change a better name has the attraction to the opposite sex the name.
Well, my name's Martha which i swing between hating and loving...mostly loving though. my parents had unusual choice in brothers are calld Barnaby and Rupert & my sister's Imogen ( dad STOLE that name from me...i wus gunna use that one! ha ha)

i'd love to change to some kind of weird sci fi name, but i don't really think it would suit me cos i'm kind of bouncy and not really pale and interesting. At the moment i seem to be rapidly aquiring the nickname 'glumph'... which is my firend's word for hug (can you believe we're in our 20's!) and maybe that will be fine!
I'm alright with my name, Frankie. As far as I'm concerned it's normal but not 'too' normal. It can easily have variations (Franco, Francessco, Frank or if I suddenly had the urge to be a cross dresser or something, Francessca). Besides it sheer GOLD compared what I was going to be called, Sunny. I was going to be called Sunny by my hippy parents, but then they changed their minds.

My name is so beautiful! hahahahahhaha

just think...something unique Razz
my name's cool Smile
I think I would like my name to be Shawn. no reason, I just like it.
ok ok ok, I once had this friend out in the country and his name was shawn. He was really neat. But then I moved into the city! about 20 minutes away from his house. I now live 4 hours away from his cuzin Aaron and am now his (aarons) Bestest friend in the world!

go figure eh?

I feel like I betrayed shawn seeing as I had a crush on his sister and now am best friends with his cuzin aaron. I hardly even see shawn anymore.

oh well.

his loss not mine eh? lol
i wouldnt mind "Crap bag"
...or "penis" Razz no seriously though; i do know people who have changed their name. Its quite a difficult process.
there is no reason why you can't legally change your name... people do it all the time. though what's in a name, eh? is your identity brought about by your name, or does your identity come from somewhere else?
middlj wrote:
...or "penis" Razz no seriously though; i do know people who have changed their name. Its quite a difficult process.


Evil or Very Mad
if your name gives you such difficulty, then legally changing it may be worthwhile DESPITE all the 'trouble.' Who said it was easy? ask any man or woman who has changed their last name after getting married... either way, if you have identity issues that begin with your name... changing your name would be like putting band-aid on a bullet wound.
just, if want to change it... Cool
as we can't do anything with our names
so we'd better like them Surprised
i like my name very much and i wont change it for anything. I have till now not met anyone having the same name as mine and my name is so unique that ppl remeber me for loong
i like my name but there are 3 kevins in my office, hope change our names in to kevinone kevintwo and, my friend who called dave, he told me in his factory, there are 17 daves...gosh...
kevin6688 wrote:
i like my name but there are 3 kevins in my office, hope change our names in to kevinone kevintwo and, my friend who called dave, he told me in his factory, there are 17 daves...gosh...

i think you should code your self like james bond 007...008...009.. Cool Laughing
I Love My Name,
Almo wrote:
I Love My Name,

yes i think you really love it... Very Happy
I like my name... I think there is no reason for me to change ot.
I like the name 'Vladimir' because it is unusual and rolls off the tongue.
but i still probably wouldn't change it. i like my name
Tom7 wrote:
I like the name 'Vladimir' because it is unusual and rolls off the tongue.
but i still probably wouldn't change it. i like my name

cool name sounds like draculla Very Happy
hehe, the name that sounds like a blood sucker.. cool name though..
My name's kinda strange for the place i'm living, but i know that there's a lot of people out there that have the same has I. I had problems with my names when i was youngs cause kids where making fun of me with it. *kids are cruels* But now, i've learned to love my name, with the time you know... I just don't know the origins of that name. It can be Russian, it can be Spanish, or it can also be Japanese * i would sooo love to ^^* My name is tamara and i know there's an island in Japan who's called tamara.[/b]
i have a good name IBRAHIM
in Arabic means The good plant from the goog earth
adwya wrote:
i have a good name IBRAHIM
in Arabic means The good plant from the goog earth

ei we have the same pronounciation of our name but not the same spelling but we have a good name..actually we have the same name when you spell it backward... Very Happy
I like my name "ronit" and never ever thought of changing it...
adwya wrote:
i have a good name IBRAHIM
in Arabic means The good plant from the goog earth

your name is a name of a TV character that I'm watching in our country..though it was spelled as "Ybrahim" not like yours which is spelled with "I".
I like Alexander very much.It is so man,and like a monarch.Aha,also if I am a gril,I will choose Angell, a nice name.
me too
if i could change my name i think i would want to change it to William, so my nick name could be Butch or something tough like that. Very Happy
i dont mind my name really, all my friends/family call me Joe instead of joseph, which i PREFER! but its annoying in school, some teachers do, some dont, and when you fill out forms or watever for things, i guess i have to put Joseph down cos thats what im down as most places. Rolling Eyes
Bob. Because it is so simple and cool.
WingZero wrote:
Bob. Because it is so simple and cool.

another three letter word...hehe hi bob Very Happy
when i was younger, i always wished my name was more exotic or unique. my real name, jill, got a lot of nursery rhyme jokes...hell, what am i saying, it STILL does! people are so original. that i'm older, i kind of like my name, just cause even though everyone has HEARD of it before, there really aren't too many of us "jill's" around. i really don't know WHAT i'd change my name to, if i had a chance. i saw on leno the other night though that a hispanic couple in california named their daughter "mari juana". funny!
I got a friend that he's name is Oidiple, and he has a father that name is Elpidio, that inverted he's own name !

LoL, but my name is Daniel =D
I would choose to be called "Squidmaster Butters, Lost Ruler of Mexico and Protector of Canada."

I think it really describes me.
i dont care it.

nice topic

mine is mostafa

i'd like to be mohamed

but now i like mostafa so mush
Maybe I will change my name to Admin, lol, I think I can't do that! Very Happy
Pedro a cool name. Vote for Pedro Very Happy
who's Pedro?
im pedro yes the name is very cool...hehe... Cool
Coolest name I ever hear, we looked it up in the phonebook: Quinn Mysterion. You KNOW that guy is interesting.
Hippie wrote:
Coolest name I ever hear, we looked it up in the phonebook: Quinn Mysterion. You KNOW that guy is interesting.

never heard that name...but cool name Very Happy
without a doupt Richy Rich. Man he's so rich
Brolly wrote:
without a doupt Richy Rich. Man he's so rich

but you must be as rich like him

revive it Very Happy
a really Octavian Calypso
the name sounds familiar... Very Happy
i want to called leo!!!
i like my name just like he is now...
and really i never thought about changing my name...

i will think about that, coz maybe there is a name that i like but i dont remember it right now, Laughing
darrell wrote:
I like my name... I think there is no reason for me to change ot.

Yeah... I like My name Too " Mujtaba" Its too lucky for me and Help Me in every Hard Talks Of My student Life HEHE Laughing
I just love my name and I do not want it to be changed. But I would like to change it for a few days or even weeks and then change it back to my original one. I have not thought of what name to keep if I had to change it.
I always wanted to change my name when I was young, but as I grew older and learnt about my family and it's wee bit of history I became more proud than anything else. I'd agree with one of the previous posters and would prefer to change my looks rather than my name!!!
I would change my forename (because I changed my last name already) Smile
I like my name so wouldn't want to change it, and if I take my first name and my family name, a direct anagram of the letters with none left over is "angel on any path"
...haven't figured out if it's a sign that I'm supposed to be one or if there's one following me around, but it's a nice thought!
If I had a choice I may change my first name to something short like Ed or Al or just one letter like J. My last name is short and I want to be lazy and not have to write much.

I now am thinking that as I see my dad's writing deteriorate I will be able still sign things until I can't write more than 5 or 6 letters at a time!! Laughing

Maybe I'll change my last name to something like J and my first name to A so I can just sign AJ or something like that....
Angus MacGyver, no just kidding, but a cool lastname. Razz

My name is Carl Rapp, when i was younger i wanted my name to be Jack or Locke, but now i rather want to be called Carl, and nickname rapp..

// rApp
I would change mine to something that very few people have as a first name. As it is now I really prefer to go by my surname because so many other people are named Kevin.
I never wanted to change my name but in the uk it is posibble. You can leagally get a new name with a new driving liceance and passport.


If you really want to change you name then that is what you need to do.
by the way the dps in the URL stands for Deed Poll Service. Practicall killing your old name.

Hope peeps find it usfull

long back i hated my name and tried used all the other funky, crazy names that i could. Then i found that i not identified with the names that i am using but only with the names i was given. I have also used some different and techincal names for my email. Finallly i ended up using the name i was given.

And now i am loving my more than i hated it.
My name dates from the XIV century. I wouldn't want to change it, but if some non-Balkan people want to know my name it would be hard for them to pronounce it. So I use a nickname: Psycho Very Happy

About name changing:

-Hello miss, I want to change my name.
-Ok, what is your name?
-John Sh*t.
-Hmmm, ok, and what would you like to be your new name?
-Bob Sh*t!
i'm pretty fond of my name - it's cera. as in a triceratops, pronounced exactly like 'sara' or 'sarah'. verbally, it's exactly the same as a whole lot of other people, and i never liked that as a kid. i've learned to appreciate the subtle difference, and after working in a place where i wore a name tag appreciated the fact that most people didn't understand how to pronounce such a simple-sounding name. (i get 'kara' and 'sierra' a lot)

but if i were forced into changing my name, i would have to be danger. or maybe i would just change my middle name to careful. :p
I would like it to be Tim The MANIAC Silva!
You should totally change your name to Zach.

Except that'd only be your nickname.

Your real, full name would be Zachadoodlewringwrangflabblebooster.

That'd be a cool name.
my name is too long... kristoffer vincent.... If given a chance to change my name... it is better to have it VINCE (short and hard to forget) or KRIZ VINX.... short for my original name... I love names with X Y Z.. like zyx.. yra,,,zyra...
"Joss Weightman" is a ridiculously good and bad name at the same time.
My name is fairly hard to say and long. I still wouldn't change my name since it's what makes me, me.
I believe that having a "different" name makes people remember me more. Unlike having a name like "Tom" I am different than others.

It's beautiful.
uhm.. well i spose my last name could be changed, as its long and very... awkward
but if i was to change my whole name it would probably be

Seth Andrew Kayne


Angus Donald MacKenzie <- Was thinking of my Gaelic Studies Class XD Scottish names ftw!
I will never change my name.
My name is given by my grandfather, and I like it very much.

But what I tell my son is, "when you grow up and if you don't like your name, you can give a new name to yourself."
You hate your name, why don't you go to change it...... it's easy and not expensive. i have changed...
I don't want to change my name, I like it just the way mommy and daddy made it. Okay enough with the bull, if i really could change my name i would choose Slayer, maybe not... but it sounds cool
Lol my name has gone through some very complicated transition stages during the early years of my last name was my first name and my first name was my last name at one point....

Yeah it gets pretty complicated =/
Helios The Dreadul Master of All That is Evil is perfectly fine. Very Happy
Well, I like my name.. so if I have a chance to change my name, I wouldn't change it.
And I'm from Korea. It's very difficult to change one's name just 10 years ago in Korea. at that time , if you want to change your name there, you have to take long time and complex process.. So many people would want to change their name, but gave up. now its processing is simple than before.. but I think it's still very hard comparing with other countries.
I hate my name... but i wouldn't change it;)
same here ive ever really thought of wanting to change my name i like my name as David :p lol
I used to want to change my name to something more common, now I like that my name is a little left of centre... not too strange.
I couldn't be bothered changing my name, I guess if I wanted a different name I would change it!
'fitzgerald' is a pain to write on application forms would rather have 'fred' or something where I've gotta write my full name.

Initials are good though - they roll off the tongue nicely.
Well, I really don't like my first name (Marek), because I hate the way that people often call me (Maruś or Mareczek).

If I decided to change my name, it would be Piotr (Peter). That's, I think, my favourite male name.
Utopia GFR
Hi all.

Well, I really don't like my first name.

"Raymond" sounds pretty much old old-fashioned and does not suit my character at all so I just shortened it to "Ray" giving it some Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-American vibe.

There was no research at all in finding me a more convenient first name since I just inherited from my maternal's grandfather name.

Hopefully people can make a special request to the administration in order to modify some ID data even though the service is not free and can take loads of time to be completed.
During a period of time I did want to change my name. It's rather common to something unique that I would be the only one in the united states to have one. I could never come up with a name that I liked that was not derivative and I also gave up cause I would have to change so much existing information and my family and friends would probably think it was a stupid idea. :(
I wish my name was Zach, because it's a cool name.
Vladimir Kasparov.
No... Ilka Smith. Sorry for the quick repost but i had a quick change of mind Wink or heart...
I always hate pronouncing my full name, for example when introducing myself to a group or something, 'cause it's so damn long...
I'm wondering who here wouldn't mind having their real name changed to their name on this forum. You'd sure get a lot of strange looks a lot of you, I know I sure would. Thing is, some of my friends sometimes call me 'Ninjakannon' because they know I use the name online. In theory I wouldn't mind 'Ninjakannon', but I expect a lot of people would think me a bit strange!

I wouldn't like to change my name now because that's who I am, that's who I've grown up as - don't you find that people fit the name they've been given? When I was a bit younger I'm sure I would have loved to have a different surname, but now I'm past that stage and no longer have this desire.
I am not terribly fond of my name either....possibly because it was chosen for me without my consent. I have found that most people don't really like thier names, and would change them if possible, but they do get used to them....but I know if I changed my name it would really tick my Mother off.

I don't really believe that your name makes you who you are, it's simply what people call you, or refer to you as.
I love my name,it is given by my parents,they are great!My Chinese name is Jiangshan,very beautiful name I think.My English name is Johnson,it is named by myself,do you have a good idea for giving me another English name?
Well, how about Pootie Pie???? Smile

Just kidding. I'm the biggest fan of myself, and i love my name.
I like my name. Its not uncommon but not overly common either.
I'd prefer it if i had a more uncommon name but not a name like celebrities are calling their children nowadays, such as honeysuckly gooklekins Razz
um, I like my name, hoho~, HAY
there were times when i hated my name. I liked the names of the others which they disliked. I understood that till we know and realize who and what we are, we will hate our names. Its been 5-6 years i liked my name after 20 years. I believe this happened because i understood myself far more better than before and started liking my name.
Im perfectly fine with my name, but it would be cool to be named Frederick
Presumably you chose a name that suited you in the first place so unless your name was CatLovver385 and you found out you're allergic to cats, you shouldn't need to change it. Just a thought...
OK, another old thread, but I like the topic. I'd love to change my name. I'm kind'a used to the one I have and it is probably not too bad, but like Vrythramax said, it's a name that got chosen for me and that alone seems to be good enough reason to want to change it. Razz Max is also right that quite a large number of people want to change their names, and I think some do in the end. It is a very painful exercise to change it however, and authorities immediately get suspicious when one does.

Talking about name changes, I'd also like to change my Frihost name, not sure to what, but it just feels right to be able to do it. My ideal setup would be in my profile, and then being set up and limited to change the username once every year or every second year. This is obviously not on top of my list of wishes, more like a casual thought when I'm logging in at Frihost and consciously connecting with my username. Time for a new name. Maybe also a new avatar.
There was an episode of The Simpsons in which Homer changes his name for a while to "Max Power". I think that's a pretty badass name, isn't it? Wink
I like some names in naruto tv series like namikaze minato, uchiha madara, inuzuka kiba, and some other name. The name are japanese names. Honestly i don't want to change my real name. But if you are insist i will change my name "Muhammad". Muhammad is the best name in the world. I think millions of people using that name. Yap, Muhammad is the name i want if i have to change my name.
i used to hate my name

story for lol
my mom chose one very beautiful name for me, but my father "forgot" it on the way to newborn registration point, celebrating my coming the world, and he gave the name of her mother. There were 5 another girls in the kindergarten with the same name (it was popular), and 7 of them in my school class.

So I finished the school, graduated university and changed the country Confused
I didn't have any intense to change my name phonetically or to a similar name, which is usual for this country, but the inhabitants did so. Wink i was happy

and then i moved to another country, here the story repeats, and again I moved to another country.

Now i love my name and enjoy seeing the confusion on the peoples faces as i pronounce my name. Furthermore, I've married and took my husband's name in addition to my previous last name (so i have two last names) Cool I am here like a royal. Needless to say that I have my fathers name (which is very important for my country), but i do not use it here Rolling Eyes
Actually you can change your name , where do you live ? it is hard and needs lots of paper works because your name on any document should be changed at it takes just a lot of time but in many countries/states if you provide a good reason that why you need to change your name then you can change it !

In US depending on the state you live in the procedure of changing first name differs. but you can always search for help files with titles like "How to Ask the Court to Change Your Name" to find out the correct document for your state (if you live in US).

I have just read the NJ document and it consist of 18 steps ! and each step i think takes around a week ! so it is really hard work but it is possible Very Happy
i dont hate my name. its just that i dont like it but tru the years i kinda love it.. looks like i fall inlove with my name..

I am very proud of my name..
Raise from dead topic LOL.. impressive for markharris

Anyway i'm happy with my name. Your parents keep thinking what best name for you before you where born and open your eyes recognizing them.

So I think let us respect what name they decided for you regardless how it impacts or gives impression other people.
I don't hate my name - it is ok. But my last name rocks! Hellman!
Yep, does actually mean "man from hell". Strange? well some earlier people changed it, from Hallman (a with 2 dots above) to Hellman because it is more cooooool! Why have the meaning "man on the rock" when you can alter it to "man from hell"!!!

And I got a smile the last time I had to spell the name when ordering a musical ticket i London... "Please spell!" "H - E - L - L - M - A - N ... man from hell!" Very Happy
I really don't want to expose my first and last name, but there are times I like them and there are times I hate them. I hate my first name because it is really really common where I live. A long time back, in an examination hall where they arrange people in ascending order using their first name, there were four other people who had the same name as me. I am also not that satisfied with my last name because people confuse me with some other nationality because of my last name.

But, I am not that dissatisfied enough and I don't want to change it. I don't even think that it is possible to change names in the country that I live.
I like my name pretty well. I would not change my name--even my last name, even if I were getting married. My spouse would just have to deal with it.
TurtleShell wrote:
I like my name pretty well. I would not change my name--even my last name, even if I were getting married. My spouse would just have to deal with it.

Way to go! There is no reason to change name only because you get married. The name is your label and changing name is just confusing.
What is the significance of a name? What's in a name?
I don't think i will change my name.
I am happy with my name that i have alread Smile
I'm always for a name change. Right now it would be great if I could go somewhere and do quite a few changes. Replace brain with one that is heavier on math tick, feet that can run faster tick, more relaxed disposition tick .... Razz
sudipbanerjee wrote:
What is the significance of a name? What's in a name?

Wink there is some importance of names: mostly used to define a person.

Long long ago, people used to have a name. Also they had an intention to name everything around themselves. With the expansion of popularity, or probably they just run out of imagination, they begun to use the name of the city with the name (e.g. Jesus from Nazareth), and later fathers name with the name (which is still in use in some Slavic countries), which later transformed into family name.
The only thing I hate about my name is that my dad has the same name and its hard to determine whose mail is whose. Not to mention I am the 2nd and most think its the 3rd because the 2nd isn't widely used.
But it's impossible Sad
Touninou wrote:
But it's impossible Sad

What is impossible? To have a name containing clubs? Yes that I have never seen.

I think the important thing is how your name is pronounced. If the name is written in one language it will have to be translated when transferred into another language that doesn't have all the symbols in the name. When you see a Russian or Japanese name that is not how the name is usually spelled. It has been translated into the symbols that the English language use so that it should be easier to read.
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