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Friends this topic is bit different from maximum topics in this forum, but ya it comes under "relation- ship".Its just one of the experience that i will be sharing with you.
This story is of my college days. I am student of Government Engineering college. As expected every one(servants) used to be very relaxed and calm and lazy in their work.Everything used to go very slowly.Every one was working like giving secondary importance to his/her work.
When i was in third year we had campus placements, most of us got good job with good salaries.A sheets was put up on notice board with name of students, companies and salaries.
After few days of this incident one day we were going home from college. We saw college cab coming and we asked for a lift.Driver stopped cab, we entered into it, and journey started.
A senior clerk sitting on front seat made comment" This students are asking us now, when they will be out and become reach on job then no one will look at us".
Well, Is this the relationship that should be there between staff and students? Is in this way that clerk should expect from us? Is it not he gets salary for his work?
This situation must be common in most of the places, but still thinking criteria of people should change.
Well, though the language isn't that fluent, but I think I got your point.
The senior clerk comments on how low his salary is compared to you as engineers when you'll graduate.

Yes, that happened to me as well before my graduation. I heard a similar comment from my professor. He said: "In three months, they will graduate and be our (rivals)" that I wondered how a senior professor and architect expect a junior architect who graduated only recently to compete with him?

Anyways, it is not a relationship between us, as students, and the staff of professors. It is just hatred from one professor, maybe some but sure not all of them. The idea here is that you don't need to listen to such people. They hate you, hate their society, hate their country and hate themselves.

Forget about it and move on. If you are doing good, treating people in the right way, then he wasn't talking about you Very Happy
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