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Home stays

Homestay is a form of tourism and/or study abroad program that allows the visitor to rent a room from a local family to better learn the local lifestyle as well as improve their language ability. While homestays can occur in any destination worldwide, some countries do more to encourage homestay than others as a means of developing their tourism industry. Hosting a homestay participant also allows the local family to earn some additional, needed income. Having low profitability, as it is, homestay can not be regarded as strictly commercial activity, but more of cross cultural exchange.

Something you immediately notice as you stroll through their expansive grounds is the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere provided by the faint melody of singing birds in the lush foliage, combined with the whisper of the breeze blowing in from the backwaters. After a few minutes walking, you reach the waters edge - where you can see the local villagers farming the land, setting out on their traditional fishing boats, and young children running around freely, enjoying this small piece of paradise. This is a true Kerala Home Stay experience, and not a resort or hotel. The guests stay as part of the family and experience Kerala in a very personal way. Being a family home, you will enjoy memorable mealtimes with your hosts around the family dining table, which has been a family tradition for more than 100 years (there is no room service). Two of the suites are also wheelchair friendly and easily accessible. There is an abundance of things to do including visiting some of the historical churches, taking a bicycle tour of the estate, enjoying a sunset boat cruise, or even taking part in some traditional fishing with the locals. Or you can just lie back and listen to the sounds of nature while relaxing in one of the hammocks - the choice is yours. The locals living on the surrounding land are assisted in many ways by the owners. Due to its relatively recent role as a homestay, sustainable jobs have been created for the villagers looking after the building and guests.
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