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My First Website

For a first website this is...
 66%  [ 6 ]
 33%  [ 3 ]
Total Votes : 9

I like it... obviously it's not done because the link for "images" doesn't go anywhere. The only thing that I do not like about your site is that white picture of a guitar. You have an entire page of pretty much all green, and then you just have some random white spot that really sticks out.... I love everything else about it, though. I hope my criticism was nothing but constructive.
it was constuctive thank you
create a nice header, maybe add a hover-effect to your background color at the navigation, implement the google-ads in your content. You will not make any money with the ads if they stay there
The area where Welcome text is situated shouldn't be so plain white, add there light green texture or something like that.
And everything else is good.
Overall seems good. Green theme reflects the domain name.

GJ keep it up Smile

dont forget to visit my site -
I have added forums now XD
Parkour_Jarrod wrote:
I have added forums now XD

green forum Very Happy
Hi there,

I've seen a lot of "My first website" kind of websites, and this might be the best one so far! You have a clear idea of the design and layout of the website, and you have a purpose (And just having a purpose, a reason behind the website, is more than a lot seem to have in their web pages).

The transfer between the navigation and the website logo/banner could have been smoother, and the green text right above "Yet to be finished" is kinda difficult to read on that background. It's generally a good idea to try to be easy on the eyes, sometimes extremely so. (Nothing can be clear enough)

The idea of having a short presentation of your business on the front page is great, it gives people who have no clue about what is a quick answer to their question, bonus points!

I'm not sure of the purpose of that fiery green H with the "shutterstock" watermark on it.. it looks pretty cool, but I don't think it's actually necessary. It would look better if you just continued the green banner all the way across. That would create a more solid impression.

Another thing that you could do, is to tone down the brightness of the green background of the navigation buttons, that would make the website even easier on the eyes. A general statement would be; Avoid bright colors.

Hope I've been to some kind of help, and please, don't take my advice as insulting, because that's not my intention at all. I just like seeing other's succeed, and if I'm able to give them a little push towards that, I'm more than happy too.

If you want to get in touch for further discussion about your website, please leave a reply here in the thread, and I'll check it as soon as I can,

The colors clash severely. You have several greens that don't go well together at all. A bright green, a neutral green, and a deep murky green. I would recommend using the hex colors used for your forum for your site template. Those colors go together a lot better.

Use the Dark grays for the background. A slightly dark gray for the background, black for the borders and every dark gray in between 000000-999999 for the rest of the backgrounds in your template. Use a green for the text, and a different green (a shade or two darker/lighter) for the links properties: a:link, a:active, a:visited, and a:hover. Wink
Not bad for a first website. I just find it too green.
The content layout seems well put but the color scheme needs work.
Ghost Rider103
Very nice for a first website I would have to say. But with a first website, of course there is always more to improve on.

Green is actually one of my favorite colors for a website. You don't see it used often, and I think that is why I like it. If you can do it right of course, sometimes it could look bad.

Anyways, this website, to me looks like it is still in the first phase of being completed. What would really make this website stand out would be the image where you have the guitar. Right now that image is extremely plain. If you could make something amazing and put it there, something more on the darker side of some awesome design work, you would really bring this website alive.

Also, your logo is pretty much just text, this is really bringing the quality of your website down. Try to get your hands on a really nice logo that really flows with the colors of your current website, and I think you would be amazed by what just changing a logo can do for a website. I mean a real logo by the way, not a graphic.

I am not really liking the green background, I think if you went with like a really dark grey, or even a pale dark blue would make it look awesome. Like just a little bit darker than the darkest gray you have on there now. Not black though, I think that would be too much.

I just took another look at your website. I noticed the left green spot I said to put an awesome graphic there you were actually using for text. So you really need to get rid of that pale green. So I would go with a really dark pale blue, and use the same dark pale blue for the background of the site. I mean a really dark pale blue, almost to where you cant even tell it's a blueish color.

Hope this helps some.
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