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First gig shooting with 70-200

Hi Folks,

This marks the first time I have shot a gig with the 70-200 f/2.8L IS.

There was no pit area at the Entertainment Center tonight for this event, and we were only allowed to shoot from the soundboard, so I couldn't have gotten by without this lens.

I'm only posting a few pics because when you are shooting from the one vantage point 60m back, it really is up to the lighting guy and the artist to do something different to make interesting captures. And only being allowed to shoot for the first 3 songs means the artist has to do their thing pretty quickly! (which they often don't!)


Love the 3rd and the 5th shot where you can really see alot of the ambient light. Really nice shots and the 70-200 2.8 IS is my fav lens in my bag now, used it all day for a wedding I had to shoot on Saturday, really creamy bokeh Very Happy Loev the shots though, I know it must have been creatively hard to get any good variety of shots since you werent able to move around as you'd like but you captured the moments really well though from that vantage point.
be keen to see your wedding pics champ? you got a site?

i did my first wedding a few weeks ago, still processing the results. will post em here when done Smile
Yeah i have the site up but currenty I'm working on a new one. Bought a new template so just trying to customise it properly. Gonna finish it for the weekend so i'll post the link for it when it's up along with my fashion and scenery pages Very Happy
cool man, i look forward to seeing it! (and your work!)
Photo 3 is pretty amazing. Wow! Now that is poster quality. The others were too wide and the subjects too small. If you could have done the same with the lighting of 3 for Photo 1 and have the subjects in Photo 5 larger, zeroing into the centre of the photo with the people in it more, then Photos 1 and 5 could have been awesome too.
thanks man! i liked the last one more so for the ambient light on the crowd and the sense of perspective. although it is interesting to note, both 3 and 5 were the ones that were chosen to be published.
I like the first one best. But, the white's are a bit overexposed and draws attention away from her face making her face look even smaller. I wonder if a slightly tinted color filter may have tamed that harshness of the white while preserving the rest of the lighting.
bjwok wrote:
be keen to see your wedding pics champ? you got a site?

i did my first wedding a few weeks ago, still processing the results. will post em here when done Smile

Hey friend, I updated my site.. I have it sorted in 3 categories.. fashion/portraits, weddings and scenery

so you can have a look and let me know what you think
VERY impressive man! a great use of flash and some amazing photos! some of the fashion ones are almost HDR? would love to know your post processing technique on the last one in portrait I (the rusted car with the 5 girls)
Thanks alot, for the last one with the rusty car and girls I set up 2 silver umbrellas with 1600W white lightning strobes and the vagabond as the powerpack so the unedited pics already had a nice contrast to them. For the HDR look i play around with the shadow/highlight tool in photoshop (image/adjustments) and also I do some dodging and burning to bring out the highlights more and to darken the shadows a lil bit for more contrast. For that shot I think I also played around with Curves... mid point to brighten the area and i masked it for just the car alone and for the skin jus healing brush to remove the minor blemishes

In shadow/highlights though.. the highlights part is perfect to bring back definition in clouds and the shadow is nice to recover shadow detail.
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