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Who Loves Oscar Wilde?

Very Happy This is my first ever post in a forum, so i apologise if i make any mistakes!

Who loves Oscar Wilde? Well i for one most certainly do! He is my inspiration, as both a writer and a character. His Personality was one of as many depths as his writing! He continues to captivate all generations of peoples from all nationalities.
He has a particular resonance with me beacause he was born in Ireland, my birthplace, i have been raised with his heart-warming children's stories, his beautiful poetry, and of course his incredible plays.
Despite his story often being overshadowed with one of scandal and rumour, i think it is the overpowering quality of his literature that wins out. His tragic end merely another addition to his legend.
So what's your fave Oscar Wilde play, is it one of the more popular plays like The importance of Being Earnest? Or prehaps something a little more obscure?

Take Care...
I for one enjoy Dorian Gray quite immensely. Wilde was a wonderful writer.
Oscar Wilde is one of those authors that I'd like to get into more, but probably won't end up doing so. Dorian Gray makes me realise why he's famous for his wit.
I have never read an Oscar Wilde novel,but as i like reading biographies,i decided to read one on him a few years back. I figured its about Oscar Wilde it has to be good.

It was the worst biography i had ever read (Don't ask me who the author was because i can't remember) What should of been a larger than life book documenting the life of a larger than life man,turned out to be a very laborious read.

Great biographies turn the pages themselves,this book required a certain amount of will power to go from one page to the next,when it got to the end and his death in Paris i thought "thank **** for that"

As such my memory of the book and the man is very limited,i remember he dated the Marquess of Queenburys son or something and his imprisonment.

As for his quote's the only one i remember,as it was a favourite of mine at the time

Oscar Wilde wrote:
We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.

The nearest thing we have to Wilde today i believe is Morrissey,the most quotable lyricist of the 20th century (An opinion of course,its not a wiki fact,not that any fact on wiki is a fact.)

Oscillate Wildly - The Smiths
Oscar Wilde is one of the most quotable authors ever ... I love "consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative."

I remember reading many of his quotations before I ever read his books or plays. Then when I did get into his writing, I was shocked at how thoroughly witty and clever they are. The quotations are woven right into each work. The Picture of Dorian Gray is my favourite novel of Wilde's.

I'm not sure if it's true or apocryphal, but apparently his last words were: "Either that wallpaper goes, or I do." hehehe
Yes, that is reputed to be one of his swansong quotes and another was " The English couldn't stand it if i lasted the turn of the century".. he wasn't far wrong, he died in 1900...
I've named my website after a quote from Dorian Gray, actually. My memory being somewhat spotty, I can't recall the exact context, but I believe Dorian muses on Basil Hallward being infatuated with him, and wonders if he will ever be blessed with a such a 'strange idolatry'. Something in that struck a chord with me, and thus I bought Smile
We shall see if my idolatries last long enough for me to actually put content on it, however...
Dorian Gray is my favorite as well. I marked up that book pretty well, underlining my favorite quotes.
He is definitely one of my favorite writers. He was a total genius.
I've only ever read Dorian, but I would love to read more of his works one day. It's hard to find time to read the books you want to, when you are reading 5-10 books a term Sad.
"We are always good when we are happy, but not always happy when we are good." O.W.

I love Oscar Wilde. Like many of you, I too loved The Picture of Dorian Gray, however, Wilde's masterpiece in my opinion, has to be his play The Importance of Being Earnest. Richard Ellmann wrote a wonderful biography of Wilde. (He also wrote a fantastic one of James Joyce--the best biography I have ever read.)
Since my earlier post in this thread, I've actually re-read Dorian Gray (well, I read half of it the first time, and this time I started from scratch and went all the way through), and I think that Oscar Wilde is definitely a very skilled writer, and very good at expressing ideas...but I disagree with the ideas that he expresses enough such that reading the book actually became hard work at some points. The reason being that he does so well craft his viewpoint, and drive home his ideas, that it's disconcerting after a while.

I suppose it's wonderful if you find his ideas fascinating, and I certainly think it's interesting, but I disagree with large portions of it far too much to enjoy it as a book to go over multiple times.

I don't know. Maybe I'm just focussing on Dorian Gray too much, and would be better to go and read some of his other works before forming my ideas about him too much.
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