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Countries that speak english?

So besides the obvious ones, what are other countries that a tourist could go to and be able to communicate with a majority of the locals in english?
Well what are the "obvious" ones you? I think it would be better if you listed some countries that you were interested in and then maybe we can help you out by telling you how many people there speak English. You can also try visiting the website that I'm going to post at the bottom of this message. But I'd advice you to venture out and go to countries where English isn't a spoken language.

P.S. That gives you the total speakers in the country as well as the percentage of the people who speak English. It's probably helpful to look at the percentages. Also, be aware that this can be deceiving. Often, a language is spoken in a certain section of the country. A country may have 1 million English speakers but 900,000 of them may live in a main/large city or the capital or something like that where as if you go out into the countryside or a more rural area, you may not be able to find anyone who speaks English.
Thanks for the link! Sorry my question was so open ended, but the link really helped.

One country that wasn't on the list that I am a little interested in is Egypt. Has anyone been there and if so did you have a hard time communicating with the locals?

I have not been to Egypt so I cannot help you there. But beware, this list is a bit outdated. It still has the population of the US being around 283 million when it's now above 300
Afaceinthematrix wrote:

There were actually a few surprises there... I would have never suspected Sierra Leone for one thing.
I recommend going to a country, especially for a vacation, without thinking anyone speaks english. You may be afraid you wont find what you need, but we are all human, and you will find the necessities.

The challenge will reward you somehow, guaranteed.
Thank you for your comments, and I will take that challenge just as soon as I can get enough funds together..

I'm not planning on venturing out too far at first; i am hoping to get to visit the UK and see where my grandfather was stationed during the second war and also to see the spurs play at white hart lane before they start tearing it down for the new stadium
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