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[ RESOLVED ] - Preview of files

Hello, I just had a question.

I put my html files in public_html, and my images in images... etc... etc..

But when I click on index.html, and Show Files, the images don't appear... I see the outlines of my table but no images filling the cells.

I don't understand, because I use the same hierarchy in my files on my computer and my web page displays just fine. So it's not the pathnames or anything HTML-related.... err well, I don't think so...

Maybe it takes some time to upload? But I don't see why it would take some time... Question
I will assume that you are talking about viewing files using the file manager. If you right click on the image that is not displayed ( just the box filled out ) all wil become clear. File Manager is trying to access the image through the front-end interface - and that is not a valid path.

If you look further down the list below show file you will see file url - if you click on that - your file will display correctly. But, please remember - your subdomain may not have propogated yet through all the DNS servers and may take a while to be "visible".

Have a Nice Day !
u must make a link to your pics,or just load them in a html file,that will be work,by the way,the images can upload in any folder
can u post one example from your code where you attempt to load the image?
i'm guessing you left it at something like
<img src="file:///C|/image1.jpg">
which is relative to your local computer so it will work there but not on the remote server

or maybe its a permissions problem...where did u upload the images? they should be inside public_html/images or some other folder but under public_html
Hello, here is a piece of code of one of my images in a table cell... I did use img src.

<td colspan="6">
<img src="images/bordure-bas.jpg" width="585" height="17" lt=""></td>

Nothing appears, not even when I click, double click, triple click, right click, mix clicks... anyway, know what I mean?

And my HTML pages that contains the code about the images are in public_html and the images are in public_html/images.. which is the same pathway I've used on my local computer, so the code shouldn't have to change for the paths.

Please help.
Images seem to appear now - so hopefuly the problem is solved.
Locking this thread now but if you have anymore questions regarding this - feel free to contact us again.

Have a Nice Day!
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