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Transporter 3

Hi guys i am a great fan of Jason Statham of the Transporter series and now i am so excited that the new Transporter 3 movie is coming...It is slated for a December 5 release in India..!! I can't just wait to see the film...

Did anyone see the movie (guys from outside India...i mean)...?? Then how's the movie..??

By the way the trailer of the movie is here

Post your reviews about the movie....!!!
The action is great, i like it a lot,
but for the story, it is poor..
so just see the action then..
I was a big fan of the first 2 movies but this was just sad. I agree thats the story was poor and the action was miserable thoughout the entire time i was watching it i couldn't wait for it to finish.
The transporter movies are not known for their storylines, but rather the adrenaline rush provided by the action scenes. Yes, I'm looking forward to the this next installment of the movie series.
awesome movie. watched the other day and yeah it still got the charisma in it.

i'm not tryin to be racist but the girl who was portrayed as the Ukrainian is jst too bad. they could have pick someone better. a copy of Lindsay Lohan.
Lets hope they dont go overboard and make transformers 4, 5 and 6. That would be really dissapointing.
i only ever saw the first movie, didn't see the other movies. i think that always the first movie is the best then the sequels.
ParsaAkbari wrote:
Lets hope they dont go overboard and make transformers 4, 5 and 6. That would be really dissapointing.

I hope you mean Transporter, not Transformer.

And yes, it's an action movie. You don't look for much story development in a Steven Seagal movie either. Action is good, don't pay attention to what's lacking besides that, because it's not meant to offer much of it.
I watched it with quite low expectations regarding the story and was rewarded with a harmonious mixture of fighting and cars.
Unfortunately I didn't watch the previous Transporter films, so I can't compare them.
I'm a big fan of the first two movies so I think I like the third part too.
Didnt see it yet but I'm sure that I gonna watch it someday. Cool
It's not bad, but I like the first and the second movie way better.
The first one was great, the second one was okay, and the third one... eh, not so much.
wow wow wow Razz this film so good. i hope they make transformers 4 Razz
I expected more from a movie. I do not like this movie!
Awesome movie, when it's got Jason Statham as the protagonist, you know it's gonna be good in the way of action. You can never expect too much story outta these sorts of movies.

I love Crank, Snatch, Rogue Assasin, Death Race, he's just awesome.
I love Jason Statham, he is a great actor, but tend to play movies without real depth Razz But who cares when action is the main reason for the movie existing in the first place? Very Happy can't wait to see it, when it comes on DVD because I don't really care to pay a lot of money for the theatre.
WEll, the movie is ok but I loved transporter 1 and 2 more than this I think.

Jason Stathom's Fighting was awesome as usual and the Face of the Girl with those brown spots looked horrible Sad She should have being wearing some more makeup. :p although the idea is to show that it is a hell of a day, but hell, her skin looks ugly :p

The pissing scene on the Grocery was ... well not necessary :p The Sensual Scenes are too teasy. eirther they should have put some reall rated scenes or nothing at all.
wow! I've seen the three episode but the later didn't really get my attention like the previous episodes. I think the three is enough! They should not bother making new episodes :evil Wink
the transporter is one of the best series

i like also the bourne's.. fast action, great fights.. and a few lovly ladys:D
not good as compared to older ones ,extra action dont make a film good
transporter 3 was wacked....didnt like it at all... but now crank 2 is coming hopefully its better than this.
Well ... 1st was nice, 2nd so so ... and 3rd ... I just watched it because I saw 1st and 2nd Smile
It isn't so bad if You don't watch it thinking that it's great and then after all - BANG ... it was bad Smile
Just watch it with clear mind, don't think about 1st episode ... just watch and "everything gonna be allright" Smile
just watched it a while ago and cant say that i was dissappointed cuz i was expecting pretty much what 1 and 2 delivered and thats what it is. Nice action flick to watch
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