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Can I boot through my Pen Drive?

Can i use my pen drive to load any operating system like the win 9x? I have a 2 GB Pen drive and think that is enough for some small OS. But i cannot find how to boot using a Flash drive. can anybody tell me? Sad
The latest ubuntu can be installed in a pen drive. To do that, boot to ubuntu and run Administration >> Create USB startup disk. From there you can choose which drive is your pen drive and where your ubuntu ISO image is.

I also heard that the latest Fedora has the same features. This kind of thing is actually common and not very hard to do with linux, see . For other OSes I don't know how you do it but I suppose it is possible (although maybe they are not that flexible).
windows 9x is useless, Linux is a better choice like as mentioned above such as Ubuntu (also you can try DSL, morphix, knoppix, and yea there are tons more)

good luck recognizing anything with Win9x
Pen Drive Linux - just like any other, just made for a portable device.
You can also run virtual machines on pen drives, which are handy if you can't reboot the machine for some reason, or if you want to be inconspicuous. has walkthroughs on how to do that using qemu.

Another cool idea for pen drives is installing portable apps on them so you can launch them without having to install locally on the computer. You can find a lot of them here:
There are installers for all kinds of popular programs.
Linux no doubt is the best choice of OS on a flash drive there are so many flavours of it available.

If you want windows then you can install Windows XP on flash drive using tools like BartPE ( . You can google on how to use this.

If you need Win9x i'm not very sure as i never tried that but this link maybe of some help ....i'm not sure if it works
Yeah. Go for Linux.

I have a 1 GB flash drive with like at least five OSes. I use it for rescue and maintenance tasks. It has Puppy Linux for a very lightweight Linux distro but with lots of apps from word processing to image manipulation; some games are even included!

Another Linux distro included is PING, which is short for Partimage Is Not Ghost. As the name suggests, it's like a Norton Ghost clone. I haven't tried Ghost that's why I can't really compare the two. PING is very easy to use, although a bit limited in features. But it gets the job done and that's the important thing.

For more advanced disk backup/restore operations, Clonezilla is there for the job. I also have the GParted distro for easy partition management.

Some other mini utilities are included like Memtest86+ for testing memory; FreeDOS for, uh, nothing really, but it's nice to have; etherboot and gPXE for booting over the network.

So there you have it--an all-in-one Linux rescue/disk utilities in just one thumb drive. Cool
you can have any number of choices for the OS to run. But you have to be sure that your computers BIOS has USB for boot disk... Many do these days but not all.

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