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my favorite hoppie is drawing

i dont know why it is. but i love drawing since i was a little kid and im very good at it now. i started when i was 5 my bro is an artist to but he stop. when i was little i used to watch him draw and one day i try mimicing him and i did a good job since then i could never stop. now im currently trying to open a site and post my art. its hard because i have no way of paying for it has i have no job.
So what type of things do you draw ? Do you draw Manga Anime Stuff ?
I would love to see some of your you have a link we can visit, or maybe put some of your art on here for us to see?
If you can't afford web space you have come to the right place. I am also an artist and graphic designer with budget issues, which is why I am here as well. Good luck to you and I can't wait to see some of your work. You should post some of it in the forums, so we can get a sneak peek of what to expect in your website.

If you are interested you can check out some of my artwork at or some of my design work at Good luck and keep drawing even if it is just for yourself.
i love to draw too. well, at least i used to. now i just don't have the time to do that anymore. Used to draw portraits from pictures. Then the frequence became once a year to nothing at this present moment. But I still love art and i admire the great works that people create out there epsecially all those digital splendour. Keep up the good work to all you artist out there and colour the world with your talents!! Wink
Mrs Lycos
Me too. everyday i have time i draw ^^.
I love to draw anime and manga style Razz, im getting a bit more skillful. But, i want to be a mangaka some day so i want to practise more than i do now.

I love to draw, I can't help but draw all the time. It's been around eight years I began to I draw manga and anime stuff. It's my favorite hobby! This year, the sports and cultural students comitee choosed me as their arts director. I draw all their posters and my art is on every wall of the school. It's funny because people discovered manga and anime art thanks to it.
I used to draw a lot as a kid. I started by copying the politician cartoons from the paper until I could draw them myself without a reference picture. Then I went on to drawing Garfield and Transformers and all sorts of things like that. Eventually I got decent at making my own creations and made up my own comic strips with original creations.

By mid to late teens I stopped doing this however and these days I don't draw too much at all. There was a time there where I wanted to be a cartoonist actually, but I ended up going for a more practical vocation. These days the closest I get to drawing is mucking around in Photoshop.
I like drawing.Its the hobby I can enjoy anytime,just need a pen and paper or can draw with a stick on a ground.
Art is always a good hobby, and as kerryworkman said, this is the best place to get a website if you have no budget. I also draw here and there, and although I never have been very skilled in drawing I always fill the margins of my paper with little people, clouds, and trees...
I am very interested in what you draw though, and look forward to seeing it (send me a message please when you get the pictures up)....
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