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24 Redemption TV movie

Well guys,

For some, The long wait has been over. For some, they Just got the news that a TV movie of 24 has aired and watched.

So what you guys think of the movie ... ?

I just watched the extended DvDrip. THe film is fairly good and i'll give it 8/10 Smile
Overall, I thought it was decent. Thought the whole thing I'm thinking "How are they going to resolve this in two hours." Near the end I realized it was more of a set up for the next season than anything else. I really wish that they had marketed it as more of a prequel rather than a mini-season, as my expectations would have been different.

In any case, Jack Bauer is the man!
In any case, Jack Bauer is the man!

You bet he is :p

I knew this was going to be a gap fixer between season 6 & 7 cos I read more about it before seeing it Rolling Eyes

BUt I woudn't have been surprised even If Jack solved all the problems and conflicts in this 2 hour Laughing or even in the season 7 Wink
The movie is a sweet-relief for the long time that I didn't get a dose of 24! Even if it's only a TV movie, I could say it's even better than some of the movies shown at the cinema. 24: Redemption is cool! Cool Jack is definitely back! And yes, he is the man! Can't wait for Season 7! Smile
So is this an actual full movie or just a lead to the next 24 season? Anyways, I would like to watch it before the next 24 season airs.
dickyzin wrote:
So is this an actual full movie or just a lead to the next 24 season? Anyways, I would like to watch it before the next 24 season airs.

Of course it is.

Wikipedia (and other reviews) said that this TV movie is a gap filler between season 6 and 7 Smile
Didnt find it EPIC at all, but you can guess whats season 7 going to be about and pretty much how its going to end!
I kind of stopped watching the series, but based on this movie/prequel/whatever you want to call it, I will be watching the new season once it gets rolling in January.

It was done very nicely and set up the seventh season rather nicely.
The movie was very good. I'm glad I watched it before watching the new season. And the new season kicks butt! I wasn't going to watch the show anymore, because I was getting rather tired of it. But this season has just been so well written that I can't wait to see the next episode.
I really enjoyed the movie and I've been a fan of the TV Series as well. How Jack does it all still amazes me .... he's cool Cool Shocked Very Happy
It is totally more of a prequel than anything... if you don't watch the trailer, you miss out on a lot of the important references in the next season. Also, you're a bit confused at why Jack is suddenly sitting in front of a Senate committee for no apparent reason.
The movie is about a lot of events going on in the fictional country of Sangala, which is also important to what is happening in the latest events.

I don't think it's "required" to watch the movie, but if you are a fan of 24 then I feel it's a movie not to be missed.
I think It's Time To stop talking about the movei and start talking about the series :p

I think 5 or 7 episodes have being released int he series 7.
Such as this last episode that came on. I won't give away the ending, but I keep thinking that if Homer Simpson was Jack Bauer, he would go ... DOH!
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