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Windows File System Explained


Win fs is the name given to the file system extentions unique to the next version of windows Longhorn.Win Fs makes its appearence in longhorn in two ways the first bieng in the vastly increased speed when searching for files and the ability to have Virtual Files And Virtual Folders.

The increased speed in searching is achived by having the users files stored in strictly defind areas of the hard disk. Normaly if you just search for a file say FILE.extention the operating system searches inside every folder in the computer even those used for the operating system which takes much longer than neccessory.However with Win FS In the operating system only searches in the strictly defind user area of the hard disk as shown the screenshot below Which is much faster.In later builds we can expect more precice searching

A more importent development of Win Fs is the ability to have Virtual Files and folders. These Virtual folders are called Static Lists One such Static List is shown below note how even though the Static List contains the images for this thread its size remains at 1kb.

There are some uses for these Static Lists.
1) The Win FS Items inside computer.
2) Longhorn CD burning uses Static Lists
3) The Hardware And Devices Page

The Win Fs items are perhaps the most importent these are Virtual Folders which are used to store and display information and objects inside windows explorer.The Win Fs items Shown Below All operate in the same way.

1) The information or object is stored in an irelivent position on the hard disk.
2) The scope of the Virtual folder is set trop that position
3) theVirtual folder's filter is set so only relevent objects are shown
4) The Win Fs item will now display only the revelent information inside windows explorer

There are 6 Win Fs items so far Music,Photos And Videos,Comunication History,Documents,Contacts and Games.


This is where games are removed and launched from. Somehow it manages to find the Name,developer,Age Rating And Vector bmp icon without conecting to the internet.The item and its scope are shown below.When i installed Age Of Empires the game installed to the scope folder regardless of where i selected to install.

Photos And Videos

Comunication History


So now its time to take a look at some working Win FS items

These are from build 3718 and are fully functional.There are 4 functional items in 3718 all are present in 4074 i will explain their use here.

Photos And Videos

This item will allow photos to be displayed by their aquired date or in specal is importent to note that a photo can show in multiple colections unlike with real folders for instance these photos appear in the Microsoft longhorn build 3718 and Win FS @ Tech-Pc aswell.

Arange Photos By Year

Photo Colections


This is the most complete item in build 3718 it can display your music in sets based on their genare,bit rate Artist,

All Albums

All Tracks

Show By Duration

Show By Genare


The Scope Of The Virtual Folder


Import Contacts


Basicly when i go into the music item the files mp3 are shown not in folders.
When i click arange by genare the mp3 files arange into folders or sets based on their genare
When i click on albums they sort by album and so forth

The most importent Win FS advance is the ability to have Virtual Files And Folder's.Some uses of these are shown below.
In the operating system new Virtual Folders created by the user are called Static Lists

A newly created Virtual Folder or Static List will look like this when opened in Internet Explorer

It appears as a File in explorer but when opened behaves much like a Folder Its extention is .list-ms

The empty Virtual Folder can be downloaded here

Things however get more complicated when we start adding Files and Folder's

The Test Virtual Folder can be downloaded here

Now there isnt much use for the Virtual Folder's above except linking my build 3718 Files to my current 4074 one without wasting disk space.However since the 3xxx series builds the Slide Show Virtual Folder has been included One is shown below.
When opened in Internet Explorer it looks like this

The Slide Show Virtual Folder can be downloaded here

Windows media playlists have also been revamped to take advantage of the Win Fs music item I just discovered this on my Win FS Testing System today )
So its similer to the SlideShow virtual folder and is created in the same way

When openend in Internet Explorer it looks like this

The Playlist Virtual Folder can be downloaded here

Another use is the Hardware And Devices page. Its not fully completed yet and some devices such as Tv Tuner cards dont show up. For some strange reason the System has been included as a device, I was wondering what would happen when i tried to update its driver but all the option does is bring up Windows Update.

In 4074 Static Lists are also used for longhorns cd burning.The interface is better than Nero but rip and burn iso are still mising but i like the idea of not having to worry about formats.Wether its a cd or Blu-Ray disk its treated the same way.Ie its treated as a higher capicity cd...

[size=14]Virtual File System

it is possible to create a Virtual File System similer to the Classic Mode we can expect in either longhorn or blackcomb with Win FS. Obviosly its not a different file system but it will have more of an impact on the use of the operating system than a new filing system ie displaying items by ther content,duration etc

There are two problems with my emulation of this

  • There is no way to automaticly update the Virtual File System ie if i delete or move a File in the Files partition it will result in broken links
  • There is no way to copy the Real Files from the Virtual File System

But there are two importent advantages

  • As long as the Files are not copied to a new hard disk moving or copying them is instent
  • The advanced filters shown above (Arange by duration,artist etc) can now be used

The Virtual File System can be downloaded here

However in an ideal situation the Real Files should be stored on either a hidden partition or a hidden Folder on the hard disk. And when a File is copied to the Virtual File System from a Removable Drive it should be copied to the hidden Folder and then linked as a Virtual File.And all this has done is emulate the classic mode of the much vouted filing system extentions.

Bypassing Ntfs Restrictions
Its possible to bypass NTFS folder name restrictions with static lists such as con,.....

The last publicly leaked build with Win FS...
This build was leaked by Chris123NT months after the announcement that win fs would be relesed sepritly from longhorn
As you can see it clearly shows Win FS in action.....

These are just the begining though.In futer builds there will be no such thing as a real folder.All the system files and programe files will be stored on a hidden area of the hard disk and the users files stored in another hidden area.Then sets would be used to organise the items This would get rid of our current location based disk structure and replace it with a new object based disk structure completly reveloutisining the way we use computers.
Again the items in one set can appear in another an example of this would be an album set there could be diverent generes which would make some of the music files in the artests set show up in other sets for example trance,rock etc..It is unclear wether longhorn or Blackcomb will use this disk structure but its clear Win Fs alows far more than just faster searching no wonder those linux geeks are in dinal that win fs will be relesed shortly ater longhorn.....

Created with [URL=http//]Pawsoft Fass[URL], the (F)orum (ass)istant
gr8 work.... keep it up....
it's gowing to be the best os ever...

ps. put credit...
Yes! It is true, but Bill Gates decided he isn't gonna put WinFS in the future Windows Longhorn! Wich is gonna be called Vista, if I'm not mistaking! This is because it's his own idea and he works on it two and he wants to make it perfect and he doesn't have time till the official release of the next windows! There are chances that WinFS will be available in a Service Pack for Windows, but probabilly in 2008!!!

And by the way! In the older versions of Windows Longhorn beta or alfa there was WinFS and the computer was working very slow with it activated! In tests, it worked decent, not fine with a Pentium 4 at 3.2 GHz, with 1.5 Gb RAM and a Radeon 9600 Pro video card so this means it would be to soon it WinFS would appear next year!
Actuly All builds pre 4074 which im using now
the proformence drop occurs in a short period of time befiore thn the mewmory usage drops drasticly.
in face in microsoft longhorn alphaq 3718 which i have on another pc and happly trundles along with Win FS on 128 Mb ram

As fo 2008 its way off Win FS beta 1 was just relesed showing how on-target it is
You should put this as a review/guide on your own website and provide a link... i think it would work much better... Rolling Eyes
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