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Fedora 10 ..anyone used it yet.

Hey people.
Did anyone upgrade to Fedora 10 yet. I'm still on 8. Would like to know if someone tried Fedora 10 and have any particular likes or dislikes about it.
i upgraded to fedora 10 today. with some kinks it is up and running with fedora 10 now.

i upgraded from Fedora 9 CD. I tried to upgrade using Yum but ran into too many issues regarding dependencies. someone on fedoraforum suggested using pre-upgrade script but that didnt help either. Thank pre upgrade script looks like a good utility.

any ways, gave up on the yum and pre-upgrade and used the netinstall cd and upgraded over http. ran for a long time. left it alone at night and next day fedora 10....

no issues at all. unlinke my ubuntu upgrade that completely screwed up my home computer, absolutely no issues with Fedora upgrade.
I have been using it for the last week. I have decided that CentOS is much better. I am going back to it. It's basically the same thing, a Red Hat clone.
somaddict wrote:
I have been using it for the last week. I have decided that CentOS is much better. I am going back to it. It's basically the same thing, a Red Hat clone.

No it isn't the right way. Fedora is the test bed of RHEL whereas CentOS is the clone. People who prefer more cutting edge stuff and don't mind a little less stable distribution will use Fedora. I say little less stable because Fedora does break a wee-bit sometimes like the xorg issue when F9 released.
Most likely people won't be using Fedora in enterprise setups or servers unless there's a good reason for it. They'd use CentOS or RHEL more likely. Though we do have Fedora on our server, since the IT staff in our office is well versed with Fedora and competent enough to get around with any issues that arise and our IT needs aren't that complex.
Most home users would tend to Fedora and most enterprise users to RHEL/CentOS, if I may generalise. Though you would see a good amount of exceptions too. In the end it's more on the person. If you prefer CentOS to Fedora, very well Smile . After all OS is just a tool to be used to carry out our work better, in easier manner and blah blah.
Note:- I am just focusing on Fedora, RHEL and CentOS users in this reply though I am very well aware of existance of other distros and OS's.
Well I was about to say similar things about CentOS ...but mehulved has said it all ..infact in more detail than i would have said.

Anywyas coming back to the topic post. I finally did install Fedora 10. looks fine to me no major issues yet.
Something I just loved about it was the boot time ...its awesome boots in no time (As compared to previous versions)

I'm loving it.
is it too good?
how is the performance?, i am planning to switch to fedora 10...
I actually wanted to try Fedora 10 immediately after reading the reviews about it. I think that it owns Ubuntu in quite a number of things, although I can't really elaborate on those things since I haven't actually tried Fedora 10 yet. Just some speculations and academic guesses based from what I've read and what I know about Ubuntu.

Anyway, the reason that I haven't tried Fedora 10 is that I really dislike RPM-based distros. I don't know why, maybe it has something to do with packaging or whatnot, but I really hate RPMs. Package management with RPM-based distros seems like hell to me. Another reason is that Fedora seems to support GNOME more than KDE. I prefer KDE because it offers more to a power user like me. Or maybe I'm just misinformed about this... maybe not. But anyway, Fedora 10 is a good release. But the fact that it's just a testbed for RHEL (like openSUSE is for SUSE Linux Enterprise edition) makes me wonder about the longevity of each release, and sometimes the project itself.

Anyway, it's good to see that Fedora is able to incorporate some really nice new features and technologies into its tenth release. I hope other major Linux distros will follow Fedora's footsteps. IMO, the flicker-free transition from splash screen to X is really nice.
Studio Madcrow
I'm an openSUSE guy, so I haven't tried it yet. Still, it does look nice and I would certainly consire it if I was moving to Linux for the first time.
I was running Fedora 8, and then did an update to Fedora 10, after completing the update, the system was incredibly unstable, and some times wouldn't boot.

This may have been due to the way the system was configured, or applications already installed on the machine before use.

Anyway as we were using the machine as a server, we decided to scrap Fedora and went with Ubuntu Server Edition, which has proved much more stable and cause us alot less headaches, and no more Kernal Panics that we regularly encountered on Fedora
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