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pylons on frihost

Hey all...

So i've recently gotten my hosting account activated, and I hoping to do trial runs of pylons applications I have been developing. Pylons is a real cool framework for python web development, check it out.

Anyhoo, i've seen numerous methods of serving a pylons app via mod_python, but most seem to require root access to setup. Also, most of my pylons applications require (other than pylons itself) a few extra modules to be installed, such as sqlalchemy, mako templating, and so on. Since I can assume installing modules is out of the question, I was wondering if there was a way to use something like virtualenv to 'encapsulate' my pylons project into a directory I could upload to my host, and via a neatly configured .htaccess file for mod_python, serve the application that way. So that I can have sqlachemy & friends available to my app.

I'm thinking frihost is obviously not an option for a true deployement of a python web app, however I'm only looking to run some 'tests' & get better acquainted with how serving applications in the real world works, before I go on to using full fledged paid hosting. I've seen a few posts about how its difficult to use django on frihost, but pylons can be much lighter and most of the restrictions around django, it seems, were related to what version of python ran on the server.

[btw i know server 3 doesnt have a working mod_python for the moment, im hoping this could be resolved soon]

In the mean time i'm practicing my PHP skills Wink
geez .. i wouldve thought the frihost forums were a bit more alive.. ive asked three questions in a little over a week and go zero responses ..

oh well

(sorry about the rant i was just eager to get an answer .. google has failed me on this one.)
I saw the post but didn't know an answer. I think it isn't possible, but because I wasn't sure I didn't answer (and I am sure I am not the only one).
Woah, I found this very old thread. I'm also interested in getting pylons to work in frihost. Installing all the python stuff (sqlalchemy, mako, pylons etc.) in a separate directory is possible. We just need a "virtual install" of python with easy_install. However as I said at , easy_install even won't install because of the sad python version. So if python is upgraded we will be able to figure out the rest Smile
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