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Longhorn And XP Patch 15% Increse In Program Loading Time

These reg files will turn on Super Prefetch which is rumered to work in Windows XP and which is enabled in microsoft "Longhorn" by defalt.
Super Prefetch increses the speed at which programes launch however it slows down boot time.
Its a compromise between Boot Speed and Programe Speed.Basicly if you have a fairly meety system turn it on but if your pc is low spec turn it off

Right Click And Save As .zip

-And the webmaster told me to do the doubly extention thing sound huh
This is one of the many myths going around the net.
Let me make one thing clear * THIS WONT WORK*
Looks more liek a virus.
n0obie4life wrote:
Looks more liek a virus.

Im on a school computer so I might as well try it out!
nah, not a virus...the file is renamed for some kind of protection i guess...anyways, from what I've read about this, it doesn't do anything for most people...but as usual there are people who say it works wonders for them, so i guess you can try it out and post your results here
yes it is like a virus
yea... this isnt meant for xp...
superprefetch is a new micro$oft tech that hasnt even been implemented yet on betas of longhorn/vista...
boot times should stay about the same time with a dual core proc...
onur wrote:
yes it is like a virus

And exactly wht makes you say that?
It is NOT a virus.

As for it not working as you will shortly see i have a deul pc setup which i have for this sort of thing
First i tested on Longhorn Alpha 3683 and with gimp,word,open office
identical spec identical software status fresh after a reformat and there was a dramatic increse with super prefetch enabled

Then i reformated and installed xp pro for the first time since 2002 same process side by side monitors and again there was a increse in app loading speed with super prefetch but a slight boot time difference not noticible but the clock showed it

Finaly i reformated and installed xp pro on one and 3683 on the other with super prefetch there was a slight difference but over all about the same although 3683 didnt suffer from the boot lag

I dont care what anyone said my ultra sensitive 128 Mb ram 700Mhz celoron rig showed a fairly big difference..

Download right click on the enable super fetch key and hit merge.After all if it dosnt work iyll make a good placebo !
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