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Singapore Civil servants will get 13th + half month bonus

Inspite of all the gloom, the Singapore government is going to enjoy the year end.

Many are already axed, more are facing the axe, but there are cheers for the civil servants who have contributed so much to the running of the country.

Mark Twain (from Reader's Digest) has this quote - If you put all the power in one political party that is bad government.

This is news from Singapore, there is still going to be lots of cheers (maybe gloom, as they do not get the 3 months bonus as last year).
well that's definately good news for Singapore civil servants. As for me i've been working for this company for 7 years now and i only get 1 lousy month bonus each year even after slogging and working like a modern day slave. Whether it has been a good year or a bad year... every year is the same over here and every year is the same speech "times are bad" ......... Laughing The civil servants are having it good here in Malaysia as well, 5 days week, short working hours, more bonus than me, unlimitted extra income from corrupt practices.... Wink Damn... i should be jumping into d civil boat......
Yap, when you are working full time, most of the SMEs will definitely be telling you times are bad.

Yes, I guess the Iron rice bowl with big fat bonuses are still the Civil Servant jobs.

Oh, here the Ministers (politicians) have even better deals.

Their pays - I guess we can even outsource the whole cabinets to the US government and still have plenty of saving, moreover, we can have higher calibre ministers working for lower pays.

Well maybe not, Singapore is too small for them.

Good that some others share the same sentiment. Thanks.
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