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How did you use your first ever vote?

Over the last three years (we have elections every three years in New Zealand) both of my eldest children have had their first votes in a general election. In my view they were typical first votes (i.e. a bit of a waste of time, but at least they turned out!) They went like this:

My son: Voted for Green party and Green member of parliament (we have two votes here - one for your local MP and one for a party in general).

My daugher went one worse with Green member of parliament, but 'Legalise Cannabis' for the party vote... for goodness sake!

It was amusing to get a phone call from my son prior to the recent election to lecture me on why I shouldn't vote for the National party - I think he voted Labour this time around!
I gave my vote to John McCain. I really wish he won, but hey, what can I do? I just couldn't fathom supporting some of the ideas that Obama supports. I realize that the "socialism" charge was way overblown, but some parts of it are really true. I don't make much money myself, but I still cherish the idea that I can grow up and be rich. One can dream, can't he?
Stubru Freak
I will have my first vote somewhere next year (too lazy to look up the date) and I'll vote for the social democrats.
I know this isn't really the place for that, but I'm wondering why brokenadvice is afraid of socialism. Division of wealth may sound a little scary at first, but when you're used to it, it's quite normal. It's not like someone goes to your neighbour to collect money and give it to you, or the other way. It's when you have the bad luck to get sick, the whole country will pay for your treatment. When you think about it, there's absolutely no way why the person that gets sick would have to pay for it himself. Being sick is already bad enough. Of course that's not the only thing about social democracy, but it's hard to find a downside to it. Of course, some people will always abuse the system, but with a little effort we can make that quite hard.
Also, statistics have shown that until a certain income people tend to spend a big part of their wage. So if more people have that income, instead of poor people who can't afford to spend, and rich people who invest their money, it's better for the economy. Of course there also have to be investments, but consuming gets the money to the companies much more quickly, and a lot of the investments done aren't that good for the economy at all. (Short selling for example.)
Sorry for going off topic a bit, but this also explains why I vote for what I vote for.
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