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Celebrity Data

I have a story to share about two hours of my life from yesterday...

A friend of mine has a rather large crush on a particular young actor (now >20). We were talking about one thing which somehow led to privacy and how much could be found on the internet and then I was challenged with finding out this persons address. (For completely legitimate purposes of course!)

I started out with the most basic of searches to see if I could bring the search area down a little. Straight away I found out the shire he lived in and even the name of the village (a small one as well!). With things going so well I thought I'd try to narrow it down as much as I possibly could.

Living with his parents, it was obvious that any records would be under their name. Finding their details was also very easy so with them, I moved on. I first tried the BT online phonebook. People with the same surname living nearby but wrong initials and not close enough. It made sense to be ex-directory!
It wasn't long before I came across a page of his dad's. From what I read before, he was a cameraman and I now the contact page for his own small business. This gave me their full address, home phone number (though it could of course be an additional line for his business use) and even fax number! This was going very well but I wanted to be sure. A little further searching found a document from the local council over there. His name and address were both present on an objection to a local planning application of a neighbour.
Finally, the last bit of evidence I needed was an interview describing home. It's name is what it used to be! (eg. the old bakery)

So, story over, what is my point?
Well I know that only a few people will have quite so much information about them on the net but there is still a lot of data out there publicly available. Has anyone here done something similar or had people find out their details?
Now the really cool thing would be if I, from the fact presented in your post, where able to figure out who your young antagonist is!

Unfortunately I fail epically.

Oh well Smile

Cool topic/post btw Razz
LukeakaDanish wrote:
Now the really cool thing would be if I, from the fact presented in your post, where able to figure out who your young antagonist is!

$50 frih to whoever can! I have been especially careful not no mention in too great detail so it should be hard, but still interesting!

LukeakaDanish wrote:
Cool topic/post btw Razz

Thanks Razz
I use Facebook/MySpace. It owns at 'finding info and incriminating evidence'. (H)
I will be surprised if anyone gets the name of the actor from the clues given,i tried a few search terms last night but came up with nothing,i then tried what i know of mathiaus,and that he has a site about Harry Potter,so i tried the two main actors from the films,and although they both fit the age criteria,i can't find any reference to any of them having a father who was a cameraman.

Maybe another clue is needed.
Matthias' posting was real fun reading. Exercises like these really intrigue me, and I often try to track people. Usually related to my work and for business purposes. Where I live in the UAE people find one another via landmarks, rather than physical addresses, so the art of detection is quite something over here, but if you can manage to find the person, it feels like an achievement like none other. No, I can't guess who the celebrity is. Is it someone we would know? But yes, this is definitely something I can get thrilled by. The art of investigating Smile
I'm glad people can relate my story to similar fun they have had Very Happy

I want to give clues out but at the same I'm reluctant to do so...
I will tell you however though that the person in question did audition for Harry Potter but didn't get the part and has had no involvement since.

News that I wasn't too happy to read. He doesn't live there any more. However, his parents do and he visits them every week.
My challenge has been restarted Razz

Well I've learned that he lives in a flat with another actor (unsure of the other person) in North West London. He is studying at a university in North West London and I have found an address under his surname and first initial in North West London, 10 minutes drive away from the university.
Feels like I've got the right place but I'm bugged by only being 98% sure!
The other part of the building seems to be a florist so I might ring them up and discreetly see what I can get out of them.
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