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Incredible pictures of the microscopic world

Amazing. Esp the squid sucker.
Gagnar The Unruly
Those were cool. I'm going to use a few of them for my plant phys class. Keep 'em coming!
Yeah they look really cool Very Happy

Thanks for sharing Bikerman!!
Wow, those are some great pictures from the electron microscope. I really liked the ones with the bugs the best. I also really like the way the leaf looks blown up.
Bikerman wrote:

WOW! these pictures are really amazing. Thanks for sharing.

I like the figeater bettle's leg & pollen.

You know Bikerman, i've had a notion about putting together a picture book something like this for a couple of years. Mind if i bounce the idea off of you?

Ok, it's a picture book - full colour (where possible), large pages with one page being the picture and the facing page being additional information. But here's the neat part: on the first page of the book, a picture of the smallest thing in the universe that we can possibly image (for example, traces in a bubble chamber showing the path of electrons and positrons)... on the last page, a picture of the largest thing in the universe we can possibly image (for example, a galactic cluster or this). And the pages in between showing a progession in size going up through electron microscopic images of viruses, cells, bacteria... all the way up to animals and objects in our normal size spectrum... on up to planets, the sun other stars... then galaxies and deep field images... up to the end.

Each new page would have information on what was being imaged, and a size comparison to the previous image(s), so you can see the progression in size from a virus to a microchip... all the way up to a star. There would also be short intermissions to describe the type of technologies used to image in that range, including very brief descriptions on how everything from electron microscopes to radio telescope arrays work. And there would also be brief intermissions to give ideas of the relationship of how large the scale of life on Earth is compared to the scale of Earth to the galaxy, and so on. i think it would blow minds to see visually how big an atom is compared to just its nucleus, or how small a virus is compared to a skin cell, or how close a modern NEMS system is getting to the wavelength of a single red photon. Or even just the mammoth difference in size between the solar system... and a modern computer CPU. (i'd have to include a neat comparison showing the world's largest library compared to how big an optical storage device holding all the contents of that library would be.)

In the end what you'll have is a book of awesome science pictures, along with a visual sense of the scale of some of these things, and how they're actually imaged. Now if that doesn't spark up the mind of a future scientist, i don't know what will. It's one of those ideas that i'm sure someone else has to have had, but i've never seen it anywhere.
You know Indi, I think that is a fabulous idea.
I've seen something interactive on the web along this line...hang on...yes HERE
But it doesn't really go into any detail for each photo and you could do a much better job in print (plus I'm old-school - I like to have paper in my hands Smile )
Ghost Rider103
Those are some amazing pictures.

Great find.
definitely some amazing pictures
Unbelievable pictures! I liked the leaf cross section, you just don't think that a leaf could be so complicated.
Really unbelievable!! I love the 12th (ant) picture. It's fascinating that this little ant has so many details on it...what a wonderful world we have!
I just love these micro/macro shots. I have always loved details, that is one thing I always look at when judging a photo or drawing or other things, it's the small things that we don't notice at once that makes it great.

I think it's sad that we need a microscope to see all those things.
Indi - Sign me up for a pre-order! I want one Smile As an amature photographer and a science buff, I think that would be a win on two levels
i'll be honest and say i've "toyed" with the idea. ^_^; My vision is for it to be a non-profit venture (i have no desire to make money on it). A foundation would be set up to obtain the rights for the various images from the various institutions and copyright holders - preferably for free - and any profits from the sale of the books would go toward science education within the country in question (for example, all profits in Canada would go toward science education in Canada, all profits in Sweden to science education in Sweden, etc.).

i figure doing it this way would make it easier to obtain the best images (it would be for a good cause, after all, so institutions would be inclined to donate the rights without requiring money). And, of course, it benefits the most people this way.

The problem is... ^_^; i'm not really inclined to do this kind of administrative organizing. i'm an engineer, i just build shit and fix problems... i can't put together foundations, arrange copyright releases, handle the profit tracking and release of moneys to the right people, etc. i'd need an organizer - an administrator - to handle all of that for me. And i simply don't know anyone even remotely equipped to work at that level, that i trust.
These pictures are amazing, especially squid sucker looks great.
Nice photoes, it leads me to wonder if insects that tiny can see larger bacteria or fungi?

And i find it amazing that they build the Barak Obama models so accuratley. How would they do it?
I persume they would use the same method as they do when making electrical components e.g CPU.
That's quite incredible. It makes you realise how much detail there is in our world which is usually unseen.
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