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black friday

It's almost that time of year the day after thanksgiving....

All those sales.... all those crowds....
deciding whether to freeze to death in line, do I stay home or go to work...

Assuming you'll go
What deals are you hoping for?
What do you want to buy?
Where will you risk freezing to death?

I know many of you will opt to stay home and sleep in like a normal sane person

I would like some deals on external hard drives, on big HDTVs, I usually first go to Staples.
I think Black Friday has ruined the only holiday that I like. In general, I hate holidays because they're too commercialized. However, I do like Thanksgiving because I spend time with the family and it's good to be thankful for what you have. So I find it ironic that people spend an entire day being thankful for what they have just so that they can go out the next day and buy as much crap as possible.
Black Friday is over rated. that's just my opinion.
I'll probably look at ads sometime this week and end up going somewhere where I think I'll find better deals on several gifts. Last year I found a bunch of movies and games on sale that I knew some friends/family of mine were wanting...that was nice. Who knows this year though...especially because my boyfriend will be working that day (at Game Stop) from noon until closing or something, and he may not want to take me anywhere early. Sad
I don't find the idea of standing outside in the cold overnight just to be able to act like a crazed animals when the doors open just to find a good deal on some electronics appealing.
Some of my friends do it, but I think part of it is just doing something stupid, and the other part is getting good deals.

I've never gone, I'm not really a morning person, and most of the "deals" are not that great vs. buying used games or buying on newegg.
Is black friday an american thing? Never heard the term before
Yes, it is an American thing. Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgivings. It is the biggest and busiest shopping day of the year. It consists of stores opening early, some good sales deals, people standing in lines and a lot of money being spent. If you have ever seen the movie Jingle All The Way with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad it is a little like that, but not too that extreme.
Having scanned the black friday ads already, I will stay home.
I check the deals out from slickdeals, and there isn't anything that great. Most of the stuff out, you can find cheaper online. BestBuy already charges way too much for there stuff.
Seiji wrote:
I check the deals out from slickdeals, and there isn't anything that great. Most of the stuff out, you can find cheaper online. BestBuy already charges way too much for there stuff.

Well I work in the hardware department of Sears and we will be having a really nice drill going down to $39.99 (normally $99.99) and we will also be having a relatively nice torque wrench going down to $39.99 (normally $79.99). So if you do any kind of construction/home improvement work or if you do any work on your car, you may want to stop by.
i think Black Friday is not an official holiday in states , but many employees take the day off. i dnt understand why they call it black friday?
Well if i was in the states i would surely buy a Canon EOS 1000D / Digital Rebel XS digital camera
skipping again this year. There's no real deals and my sanity is worth more than saving maybe 200 dollars at most this year versus making good purchases all year round.
Fly Fusion Pentop

I got a great deal on this at Target. From $79 normal price to $29.
Ghost Rider103
I usually do all christmas shopping before all the sales go on to avoid getting in a massive crowd, and traffic. I can't stand to go into a store and you can barely walk because there are just people everywhere.

Then the checkout lines are massive. So I do all shopping before everyone gets crowded.
I should've gone to walmart for black friday, i wanted one of those lcds that were on sale. But, I woke up at like 10am today.
I don't like black Friday cause it is so crowded and you can usally find the stuff you want all the time but then maybe a little cheaper but still can most of the time find it
After Black Friday the NEXT is CYBER MONDAY...
where the world of great online shopping deals open again.

If you're an online shopper what's you planned to buy?
If you're an online dealer what's your promotion?

I can't expect how about it for this year due to the recession.


Wish all of you have a very happy during this season. Wink Very Happy

I went to Black Friday stores and outlets, but I was pretty disappointed. My friends led me to believe that there would be some spectacular sales and such, but it turned out that this year was a big downer; nothing that great, and if there was anything good it was sold out pretty early to those who waited in line several hours ahead of time, with their tents and sleeping bags in line.

I had to endure hours without sleep and it wasn't that fun, considering that I didn't purchase much. If you manage to get one of the doorbuster deals, then good for you, but I wouldn't recommend it and I definitely would not be doing it again next year. I'll just find periodic deals online, thank you very much.
It really was a black Friday.

A worker died early Friday after an "out-of-control" mob of frenzied shoppers smashed through a Long Island store's front doors and trampled him.

The Black Friday stampede plunged the Valley Stream Wal-Mart outlet into chaos, knocking several employees to the ground and sending others scurrying.

When the madness ended, 34-year-old Jdimytai Damour was dead and four shoppers, including a woman eight months pregnant, were injured.

All for a cheap bargain!
What happened to Damour was horrible...

If anyone here is on Facebook, please join the group I made in his memory.
That kind of insanity is exactly the reason I never have gone out on Black Friday and never will.

In general, I have a low opinion of my 'fellow' humans anyway and this kind of madness simply reinforces that opinion.

I also refuse to watch TV programs that promote this type of craziness. Most recently, two new programs began, ''Chase'' and ''Estate of Panic''.

Instead of becoming more human, people are becoming more savage and animalistic.

My 2 cents,
We have a day like this in canada... We had some discounts during the black friday but it was not like in the US.

Our is called "Boxing Day" it is right after christmas.
Black friday is nuts... you have to be crazy to go out that day....

The only way your going to get the insaine deals is to camp out in the cold... if not.. they sell out quick..

I can't believe people would be so crazy they would stomp a man to death, just to save a few bucks...
i cant believe that a guy got trampled and died at walmart how sad
I love the colour black, so wonder how it got to have a bad connotation in conjunction with a particularly nice day of the week, Friday? How did all of this originate? To me the colour black is solid, velvet, dominant. Also beautiful. Imagine a black stallion. Or a beautiful girl in a black strapless evening gown. Why not red Friday instead? Sort of more appropriate in certain circumstances Smile
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