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3d scenery made in vue infinite

This is a scene i made in vue infinite. i would like to have some peoples opinions. Constructive criticism welcome.
This is a link to the picture:
here is another scene i have made. simple but sweet.
Ghost Rider103
It's actually not too bad, I am surprised nobody has commented on it.

There are a lot of things that need work in the first one, you need to better use of your shadows, and get more into dept with it, and I think you will have something great there.

On the second one, you made a pretty good use of the sun, but the big circle coming from the sun at the bottom of the picture would be best if you erased it, or at least lowered the opacity of it.

Not bad!
Very nice work. I like the 3rd, the ocean scene, the best. I have made a few landscapes with a program that generated terrain and such.

Would love to see more.
Nice. Would love to learn a trick or two from you.
They're definitely improving with each image. The main thing that I've noticed (along with the already mentioned shadows issue) is perspective and depth in the image. You're trying to portray depth/distance in the scenes, but your textures are not fading into the distance properly, making the image look flat, kind of like a shoe-box diorama or something where you're using layers to induce the idea of distance, but the lack of physical distance causes it to ultimately fail.

But, like I said, they're improving as you get to each next image. The fading of the surface ripple in the ocean scene is getting pretty close to where you'd want it, whereas the desert scene kind of looks like it's built in a shadowbox or something.
heres one i did recently much better than the rest. only problem is too many trees on the beach.
heres one i did recently much better than the rest. only problem is too many trees on the beach.
Ghost Rider103
Not bad. Would look good if the left side of the beach was clear of trees, and it gradually had more and more trees to the right.

Would look even better if you had the sun on the other side of the mountain peeking out the right side or something.

Also, whats up with the huge logo on the bottom right? It really ruins the focal point of this image, it needs to be sized down much smaller.

Much improvement, good job.
Real great images! Is vue infinite like Photoshop?
It's good to see such good progress - each of your images shows significant improvement, and you're obviously learning.

I'd echo the comments on lighting - in any 3d work, lighting is THE most important aspect, yet often overlooked. Spend just as much time on your lighting as on the rest of the art, and you'll get great images.

I have this software as well, and used it to create all the illustrations in a book recently - great fun.

The thing to bear in mind is realism. The lighting adds to realism, but so does the placement of objects - such as those trees on the beach. Realistically, that's unlikely.

The exception, though, is when you're creating fantasy locations. But it's best to get the basics, with lighting and realism before you start breaking the rules.

Keep it up!
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