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need some 3d ideas. Anything is welcome:)

I am a budding 3d modeller who uses 3ds max, blender, cinema 4d and various other programs. im no professional but i would say i am of intermediate experience. the only problem is i am stuck for ideas of what to model. To be honest my mind is completely blank. i have recently started working on interior design scenes which i shall upload pictures of as soon as i get home. Does anybody have any ideas of anything i can model. Perhaps you want something modelled for you. Any ideas are welcome so please fire whatever you think of at me and i will give it a go. Many thanks.
I think a grungy jack in the box would look pretty awesome. You could put it on a dark, dusty shelf next to some long-forgotten toys.

Either that or a turkey.
Ghost Rider103
Turkey would be cool Laughing

Check out and get some other idea. Also cars are always fun to model.

If your that bored, and have plenty of time, well then build your own entire city from scratch. With people, cars, houses, and everything. It will take a year or two, but hey you'll have your own 3D city!
i like the jack in the box idea i think i'll give it a go.
got started now. Still early days but heres what ive got so far.

Link to pic:
Looks really good so far. I would really like to see more as it progresses. I love seeing the creative processes at work
It does look good so far. Obviously its a work in progress so its not perfect, but that looks like an awesome start anyhow. Keep it up, looking forward to an updated pic or two.
Maybe this project has been shelved - there hasn't been an update for well over 6 months. Shame. But if this is still going - I'd love to see the finished work.

Obviously the latest image is just work in progress - but check the shadow; something weird is going on there.
Wow, that's so nice... really awesome!

This is a kind of topic that really gets my attention, but when I come to see it, I find an unfinished job from almost four years in the past......

Well, but lets try to add something to the discussion, right...? Wink

It's an strategically very interesting thing to do, what the user chidgey did in the original post.

It's a sort of "free consult", what happens a lot in places like these forums. It's good practice if you're beginning some different work, the most creative the better! Because by doing so one can get new ideas and feedback, grow in expertise, without having to spend with consultants or other preparation...

Great idea, hope the guy is still on the job! Very Happy
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