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Blink 182 - A Glimmer of hope for fans.

Too any Blink 182 fans out there, it seems there might be a chance of them getting back together. By no means is it certain in any way. but what is for sure is that They have all finally gotten into contact again and are trying to re make their friend ship. What this will lead to? No one can tell yet.

Heres hoping for a comeback tour! Smile

from (Mark Hoppus' personal blog).

"in the midst of everything else that has happened lately, tom, travis, and i have all spoken together. first through a number of phone calls, and then a couple of weeks ago we all hung out for a few hours. they’ve all been great, very positive conversations. we’re just reconnecting as friends after four years of not talking. it’s a good thing. obviously the first question for a lot of people will be “does this mean a blink-182 reunion?” the answer is none of us know. we haven’t talked about it at all. right now it’s just good for the three of us to see one another, reconnect, and let the past be the past. the events of the past two months supersede everything that happened before. life is too short."

After Travis' plane crash incident it looks like they feel they shouldn't take anything for granted and forget the past.
Oh my- that is so great. I miss blink.
I don't know. As much as I love blink, I don't know if I want them to get back terrible as that sounds Razz I just love listening to their music now and thinking "wow their music is really good." I just think that the fact that they aren't together anymore makes me enjoy their music for what it is.
why do they just cry over nothing. personally i think they have no talent whatsoever!
would be good if they got back together

Didn`t realise they split up Razz
I used to be a Blink fan (from their earlier albums) but their last few records stunk. Still I'd give their new album a chance if it came out.

PS - as a live band = Green Day blows Blink away.
I would like to see them together another again, making new and better albums Wink
They are back together and currently on the plans to make their sixth studio album. And reportedly, they'll release a new song called "Up All Night" on July 23. Smile
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