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Anime-Style MMORPG Top 3

Have tried many Anime-Style MMORPGs such as Maple Story, Fiesta Online, Flyff, Asda Story, Ts Online and so forth, below is my top 3 list.

1. Asda Story - My favorite Anime MMORPG. Asda Story has unique characteristics of the item systems which are Soulmate and Real Costume System, different from the other games.The 'Soul Mate System' offers two players the ability to align to become 'soul mates' and allows them to wear unique costumes and use special skills. And the 'Real Costume System,' which gives players some of the most extensive personalization and design options ever seen in an MMORPG. Anybody want to try the game(soulmate with me, lol), here is the official link:

2. Mabinogi - fantasy MMORPG where NPCs remember you, you can design your own clothes, fish, cook, and relax around a campfire. This game, is EVERYTHING. Its a duengeon crawler. A music compisition tool. A social hangout. An adventure, and more! The community is awesome, the battle system is a little like rock-paper-scissor game. Though the battle system cant be everything. The official site is:

3. Fiesta Online - Fiesta is set in a fully rendered 3D cel-shaded fantasy world in an anime-style, featuring classic RPG characters such as humans and elves that are then split into one of four categories — Fighter, Cleric, Archer, or Mage. It offers full support for guilds and clans and has also added PvP areas. Although no where near as deep as something like Age of Conan or World of Warcraft, this looks like a nice introduction to the world of MMORPGing and might be great for n00bs or younger players. Official site:

most MMO nowadays don't have good balanced system I think. On the job and such I means...
Most ofthem even only have 4 "basic" job, meele, range, support, hybrid. and most job didnt have too much "style" that you can choose.

I've plays almost all of the MMO that you've mentioned above, but I think the old Ragnarok Online still have the "best" system out of all of those MMO.
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