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The New Xbox Experience

For some reason or another, I got it 2 days early, which doesn't sound too far off, but I'm actually kind of relieved. My Wednesday is going to be too busy for Xbox. Still, so far, so good.

The 360miis aren't bad. Yeah, the are a total ripoff. Though, the different clothing choices set them apart from actual miis. You can save outfits and whatnot, and I'll assume that you may have to buy other clothes later if you're really that into dressing your avatar up. There is a nifty feature that lets you take a picture of your avatar and use it a gamer picture. It's useful if you can't decide whether or not any of the other gamer pictures you wasted your money on are worth as much as a close up picture of face with the same expression all the time.

They gave the marketplace a major overhaul. Everything is sorted alphabetically, every single arcade game has been given box art, and every selection now has it's own unique background. It's much easier to navigate and much more aesthetically pleasing. Nothing spectacular, just slightly better than the original marketplace.

The one thing that makes the NXE much better is the fact that everything just seems to run so much more... smoothly. Load times for everything have practically been cut to nothing, despite not being that long in the first place. It is rather satisfying, though, not having to waste precious seconds of your busy time trying to get from one section to another. Not only that, but because of this, and a much more sorted out achievement system, you don't have to wait forever to see all of your achievements. Total plus!

One thing that I think has gone surprisingly unmentioned is the fact that you can install any game you have in your possession on a disc straight to your 360, granted you have the space for it. When I first saw this feature, all I thought was :O but then I realized that the only real usefulness is when you borrow somebody's game and want to play it forever. The reasoning they give for it is so you don't have to hear any noise coming from your xbox while you're playing, which if you own a 360 at all, you should be entirely used to by now. However, it still seems like a noteworthy feature.

However, there are still a few problems. Sure, this may not be something that would piss you off, but one of the things I liked about the old interface was that when somebody came online, and you hit the big green x button, it brought you straight to their profile. It doesn't so this anymore. Instead, it just brings you to the main big green x menu. Then you have to find their profile on your friends list and it just seems like if the whole new interface is trying for convenience, why take away one of the most convenient things about the original system?

Overall, it's a really slick interface, and once you can get used to some of the new features and find out where they put everything, I doubt you'll have too many gripes about it.

There is one thing I have noticed, though. I tried to private chat with my brother who doesn't have it yet (of course), and the whole thing was breaking up entirely. I doubt it's either of our mics, because nothing like this has ever happened before. So, if there is a issue with private chatting, or using the mic in general, I hope it gets resolved before Wednesday.
Couple of comments:

* The biggest thing I noticed was the smoothness. On the old dashboard, when I switched from blade to blade, I felt like I was streaming the video over a network connection that was too slow (if you know what I mean). The transitions here are like butter. Also, I have ~30 games in my library, and it used to take at least 30 seconds to load them all before I could pick one to play. Now, I think it must do that in the background or something, as they all seemed to just be there right away. Nice!

* As for the install, I'm pretty sure you can't launch the game unless the disc is in the drive, to prevent exactly the scenario described above. The *only* reason to provide a HDD install is a) noise reduction, b) less wear and tear on the disc drive, and c) selling more hard drive upgrades. Probably not in that order Laughing

* I hear that interaction between people on the old interface and the new one is kind of a pain, but since it's a mandatory update (e.g. you need to do it to sign into Live) that shouldn't be a problem for long.

* You didn't bring up the menu button. When you hit the menu button, instead of the little mini-blade that you saw before (which of course suffered terribly from that stuttering problem I talked about), there's a different menu that gives shortcuts to almost anything you'd possibly want to do -- games, profile info, media, you name it. It's almost like a lightweight version of the old-fashioned dashboard: links are broken up into categories, and you navigate between categories with left/right and pick an item with up/down.

* Video playback has been re-skinned, but the controls appear to all do the same thing. Whatever. I haven't tried audio playback, but I'd be surprised if they actually added anything noteworthy. Almost forgot -- if you have the "IPod update" (MP4/divx playback support), you need to delete it (System --> Storage Devices --> Hard Drive --> System Items --> Ipod Update, or something like that) then re-download it by trying to watch/listen to an item that needs it.

That's about it. Overall, I'm glad I have it, I think, but my socks are not blown off. Maybe when I do more with the Party system I'll change my mind.
Wow, 360Mii, wow... What is Microsoft coming to? Sorry, not to flame or anything but I like my Wii.
I haven't messed around with it much (though I haven't messed with the old ones much,either...), but I like the older look better. And the Mii60s are kinda silly.
I'm not exactly a fan of NXE. I love being able to install to disk though. Sure cuts down on the friggin' DVD drive noise. I'm not a fan of the interface though. It's not bad by any means. I just don't care much for it.
Is microsoft so desperate it stole from nintendo? wow.
Very nice update, looks more like a community, a very nice choice on microsoft's part.
They seem to have figured out at least that you should do as much stuff in the background as possible -- especially when you have a multi-core CPU. It's not *fast*, but it's a whole lot better than it was.
I love the new update! It's so nice, but they should make more options for you avatar xD
I am a novice to the xbox 360 live world since I just got the xbox 6 months ago, with no online wireless builtin, I never took time to connect it to my mostly wireless network. I finally got connected to xbox live last month I must that I was pleasantly suprised by all the quality information, I finally saw my purchase as great since Originally I had planned on upgreading my home theater to HDMI bluray goodiness, but instead I am very happd.y that I got the xbox instea
has anyone got any screenshots they could post of the new dashboard. would love to see some ??
Well, after about half a dozen emails back-and-forth with people obviously from India called "Mark" (heh), I have established that while you can download the NXE as an offline installer/update, you cannot get the AAC (DivX/MP4) update that way, only via Live. That's bad news for my brother-in-law who is deployed in Afghanistan... looks like he might have trouble playing the recorded TV I'm going to be sending him. ::sigh::
The NXE isn't that bad. The feature I like most is the installation to the HDD. Your Xbox is noise-less, has better performance, and stays cool. I mean, it's playing from the HDD, it's really, really, realllyyyy cool. Perhaps this is Microsoft's solution for the over-heating problems?[/i]
Finally got some screenshots, thought i would share them with you. They are shown below.

Feel free to add more screens, as i would like to see more myself.
I love it, that you can see the people where you're in the party with, and also that you can multichat now :p
Blazole wrote:
Finally got some screenshots, thought i would share them with you. They are shown below.

Feel free to add more screens, as i would like to see more myself.

For some reason, something looks kinda weird in those two pictures... For example the avatars in the top right corner and the sections under Spotlight called "Videos" and "Games". My games and video libraries are both in "My Xbox" section. Does this mean I can also change stuff on my dashboard, to make it look kinda like those?
the downside to xbox i reckon is that you have to pay to play online unlike ps3 which is free Very Happy
Yep the PS3 is FREEEEEEEEE!!!! and almost noiceless. Hum, all there is to it??? well the xbox 360 got better framerate in general... That's a pity.
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