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What is you favorite beer?

No, I'm not talking about Bud or Miller. I'm talking about the explosion in craft brewers. I just finished a Stone Brewery smoked porter. Great beer, nice body, but I would like more smoke. Post your favorite craft beer.
Don't know where you are based V, but I don't consuder the two examples you gave of Bud or Miller as proper beer. They are to me a watered down and insipid concotion missed named as beer. What you need is a "real ale" prferably bitter, with a taste and body to it making it worth while spending the energy to lift up the glass and drink the brew.
It's difficult to choose, in Belgium we 've a lot of excellent beers. Wink
You are right- while Bud and Miller are beer, they are undrinkably bland (among other problems). I was wondering what good beer others are drinking. For example, I had just tried a smoked porter from Stone Brewery in California. Actually, I liked it so much that I have their double ale (10%) chilling now.

MFC, I am jealous! While America is finally starting to create good beers, Belgium has a long and glorious beer history. Two North American breweries that make great Belgium style beers are Ommegang (a subsidiary of Duvel) and Unibroue (Canada).
I have to say, the best beer I've come across is Stella Artois. It's a Belgium import and it's great. It makes most domestic beers taste like garbage.
Export-Gold is my favorite. Tastes alil bit not like beer, especially not like Hei.......
My favorite beer is Velebitsko pivo. It's a small company but they have many awards and great beer.
Here is link but it's only in croatian and german.
The beer I drink is San Miguel Pale Pilsen. I've been to Munich, and drank their beer there. I've been to Italy and Switzerland and tried what they offer. But none of their beers taste like San Miguel. And it has to be the San Miguel from the Philippines. The canned version which can be bought in other countries does not taste as good.
guiness and newcastle.. but if you are talking about small brewers, i just tried one called kentucky bourbon barrel ale that was quite unique
Michelob has released a bourbon cask aged vanilla ale for winter. Surprisingly, it tastes like.............Budweiser Sad I think that the bourbon cask was kept outside the fermentor to keep the vanilla bean dry.

Allagash makes a great wine cask age ale called Victoria and a bourbon cask aged ale called Victor. I have not tried the Victor, but the Victoria is awesome.
No Name Pub Amber; Love it!

If you're ever in the Florida Keys (Big Pine Key to be exact), you need to search for No Name Pub. It's such a great place.

I really need to get into making my own beer. It sounds like too much fun!
Homebrewing is a blast- lots of work, but well worth the effort. You can start from extract only recipes and make a brew that puts Bud, Miller, and the other big boys to shame. Check out
I don't like beer... as much as i have tried to like it... I just can't stand the taste... I wish i liked it because sometimes I go to places that don't have mixed drinks.... rum+coke ftw!
Cold shots FOR SURE, so easy to down and quick drunk!
My favorite beer is 'Warka', it's a Polish beer.
From more known beers, I'd say that Heineken or Carlsberg is good.
Bergenbier ->

Friends know why...
Favorite beer? Oh…how about no beer. I mean why beer. Not good for physical health. Not good for mental health. There are many batter things in life to enjoy than beer. Than why beer. So favorite beer none….yes that is true none.
jabce85 wrote:
guiness and newcastle.


As miacps and Voodoocat mentioned, nothing is quite as satisfying as the beer you make yourself. Though I never got close to commercial quality.

Most of the mainstream beers are way too plain and smooth for my liking. (beers like Bud, Fosters, Becks, yes, even San Miguel) But to each their own. I can understand people not liking beer like Guiness too.

Certainly excessive beer is not good for your physical or mental health. But I can't imagine its bad in moderation. Unless you are proposing a diet of water, tofu and spinach. I can't imagine that making me happier at all.
Voodoocat wrote:
No, I'm not talking about Bud or Miller. I'm talking about the explosion in craft brewers. I just finished a Stone Brewery smoked porter. Great beer, nice body, but I would like more smoke. Post your favorite craft beer.

Don't know anything about "smoked porter", or a "Stone Brewery", but my flavor has always been 'Malt Liquor'. 'Old English 800' to be exact. Thick, Rich, Bold, and it does the job..,gets me RIGHT where I wanna' be! Laughing
I don't know much about beer, but I like Newcastle a lot. And Samual Adams. The seasonal one, Oktoberfest, is so yummy.
I think there was another topic called "whats your favorite alcholic beverage" oh well in any case I dont drink alchohol
Where ever I am visiting, I'll tend to drink the local brews... ideally made on the premises... and ideally as dark as possible....

Having said that, when I'm at home I rarely drink any alcohol...

Ummm My favorite brand is..........Hey wait a minute didn't I tell ya all that I'm a teetotaler Wink
i hate beer.. i wish I liked it because sometimes my friends go to just a "beer" bar and they dont have mixed drinks..... I just cant stand the taste of it....

if i have a few rum and cokes, then I can drink beer just fine....but it has to be really cold and light...dark beer always tastes bitter to me....
Whatever is on tap that day at the local micro-brewery.
Kwak ! => Kwak has its own unique and distinctive beer glass.
Any beer will do - I drink all sorts of beer.
San Miguel.

But we also accept Kloster.

Sorry a little bit of joking.
I tend to like beers that are not very bitter. Beers like wheat beers or Weiss beers or hefeweizens are the best because theyd on't taste that bad and taste kinda good. I like the ones in America called Blue Moon.
I love Kingfisher and Bud, i'm from India.
Don't have much beer options where I live. So, I like Gorkha beer and Everest Beer. Two of my favorites and they are pretty strong too.

andro_king wrote:
I love Kingfisher and Bud, i'm from India.

And while visiting India, I like to taste Kingfisher. I think there are several types of Kingfisher beer there. I drank the ones in the blue and the red bottles. I preferred the blue one. This was in Delhi and in Kolkata.
I really like dark beers, like stouts and porters. There's a local brewery called Prairie Artisan Ales that has a really good stout called Prairie Bomb. Apparently it is starting to gain some attention across the US, not just locally.
fwagers15 wrote:
I really like dark beers, like stouts and porters

I also like very much of these dark beers.
Unfortunately there is not many dark beers to sell in my country's shops.
I live in Colorado and the State of Colorado boasts the most number of micro breweries per capita than any other state in the US. We have some of the best beers in the world, our local Left Hand Brewery has a stout called Milk Stout, they also have a patented process for nitrogen infusion that does not need the capsule in the bottle to make it bubbly with nitrogen rather than CO2. Their Nitro Milk Stout won the European beer festival award for best stout beer, beat out all the German, Belgian, and good ole Guinness Stout to get that award. Left hand brewery also makes a great pilsner, and their Sawtooth ale named "the all American ale" is also really good. They also make a Russian Imperial Stout that is fantastic - only sales in 4 packs because it is 14% alcohol by volume.

We also have the Boulder Brewing company that makes some great beers - love their Hazed and Infused hoppy ale.

Right next to where I work is the Avery Brewing company - they have a great brown ale "Elle's Brown Ale" named after the master brewers chocolate lab Elle. Most of the beer that Avery sales in the stores is 12% or less alcohol - at the brewery many of their specialty beers you can't buy at the store are 19 to 25% alcohol - they serve them in small glasses due to the high alcohol content.

Last but not least is the Asher Brewery - Colorado's first organic brewery - cans sport the USDA Organic label. Love their Tree Hugger Amber Ale, and their Green Bullet IPA.

I typically have a few beers on Friday and or Saturday night - I don't drink much beer, but the fun of living here is being able to go to the local breweries and have one or two of their beers to check them out.

If I'm going to drink a beer or two I'd rather it be a great high quality beer rather than a Budweiser, Bud Light, Coors, Coors light, or Miller and or a Miller Light.

After drinking the local craft brews the big domestic beers taste like watered down crap in my opinion!!
My favorite beer is the Venezuelan black beer called Pilsen. I don't know if it also exists in other countries. Sadly it is growing more expensive and scarce since the government has been putting regulations on it recently. I hope that we will have more access to it soon. Meanwhile, I welcome all beer donations that you can send me by mail Wink
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