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Adding eCommerce

How difficult is it to add eCommerce capability to an existing website? e.g. PayPal

What are some recommended applications for adding eCommerce?

What's the cost for adding this?

Thanks in advance for any comments.
If you are just wanting to add a PayPal button, I don't think it is that tough. Just go to their site and I think they have instructions on what to do along with a button that you can download for your site.

Also, I think Yahoo offers tools to open your own store. Don't know if that means building a new site or adding it into a current site, but you may want to try that. I think there are other places out there too that do the same thing.

I don't think that most of the tools I've mentioned have a cost associated with them. Good luck with your site!
Well what you are talking about GB with the paypal button that is normally just for donations to your paypal account. If you want a store front where people can add items to a cart, purchase them, and automatically pay for them then you will need to set up things a little differently.

First thing is what type of products are you selling? If it is something that needs to be shipped to the customer then you may want to include other options such as tracking information, billing address, etc.

There is a large range of programs/scripts that you may use to run an eCommerce style site, many free and many not free. If you want a starting place to search try this site:

It has a nice selection of many different types of eCommerce style scripts. Depending on what you are looking for of course.

There are different sections for things such as paypal, shopping carts, and more. Check it out and see if you can find anything to your needs there.

I hope this helps you find what you need or at least sends you in the right direction. Good luck.
Thanks for the ideas!
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