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Global Hosted Operating SysTem

escritor (Global Hosted Operating SysTem) aims to be a replacement to many services. Its philosophy says that the PC architecture is not perfect and most things should be in the Internet "cloud", like file storage.

You may read more about the project at and even try it. I had seen similar ideas before, but this one seems to be more serious. Take a look at all references at the bottom of its front page. Rolling Eyes
Fire Boar
It'll never take off. It's a gadget, fun for a few minutes perhaps, but the fact is that nobody's going to entrust all their data to the Cloud. People want their own hard disk, and offline secure access.
I think its a clever idea, but before I even read about it I was scared about the idea, about security, and what would happened if the server crashed.

I can't see it taking off.
I can't see it taking off.

I personally think you guys speak too soon Smile It won't take off anytime SOON - granted. But I think that if present trends persist this, or something similar, WILL take off.

Why? Because it DOES make alot of sense to push many OS related functions onto the 'cloud' - and this 'pushing' process is already well underway, step by step, as connection speeds and global internet adoption continue to rise. Desktop tools now exist on all major operating systems that function by reaching into the broader internet (feedreaders, even your desktop clocks), and many previously offline functions are already moving on to online equivalents, like google calendar for schedule management, google docs for document reading, sharing and storage - etc.

The fact is that the big players in the industry, to some degree or another, are all targetting some variation of this same endpoint - distributed, internet service based computing. We already have plenty of very very critical data coursing through the cloud, so security and privacy is only an issue of getting used to the idea.
moofang: I agree with you. Wink In a not too distant future this idea will be more solid and popular.
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