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Sex education to be taught in all primary schools

Millions of children in England aged from five to 16 in state-funded schools will receive compulsory lessons about subjects including sex and drug use, a minister said on Thursday.

Acknowledging, however, that the announcement raises "complicated issues," the government has appointed a headteacher to carry out a review into how the new proposals can be best implemented, given local circumstances and parents' values.

The new policy will apply to 6.5 million schoolchildren in 22,500 schools in England, a government spokesman told AFP.

"This is a bold move and a necessary one," said England Schools Minister Jim Knight.

"Modern life is increasingly complex and we have a duty to equip our young people with the knowledge and skills to deal with it."

In a statement, the Department for Children, Schools and Families said that Downing Street "sees education as key to supporting young people to avoid teenage pregnancy, STI (sexually-transmitted infections), drug and alcohol misuse."

The statement said that ministers recognise that parents had to take the lead, but noted that schools could help by providing information and emotional and social skills for pupils.

Collated figures for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland show one of the highest rates of teenage pregnancy in western Europe, and critics of the new policy warned that the proposals could raise that even higher.

Christian Voice's National Director Stephen Green said the plans would "encourage experimentation," and added that teaching young children about sex was "a wickedness" from ministers who wanted to see "a whole generation fornicating."

The lessons will be adapted to suit the target age group, with children as young as five learning that animals give birth to offspring, naming body parts and preparing for oncoming puberty.

When it comes to drugs, primary school students will learn about how medicines and other toxins affect the body, while older pupils will study drug and alcohol misuse, the laws surrounding those issues and their social impact.

Education is governed separately in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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There's a quote feature you know... So that copy/pasters won't get illegal points and Frih$.

Anyway, this is actually a hot topic in our country too, the Philippines. There's this bill that supposedly enforces sex education to be taught to elementary school children. I'm not really familiar with the particulars but as expected, a lot of religious groups and other conservative groups/people are against it.
I'm all for sex education (we had sex ed in first grade). But 5 year olds? That's really pushing it. Sure teaching them about the biology behind sex is fine. But it's not like they'd have any use for knowing about condoms or birth control at that age.
Well, sex education in primary school maybe a little confusing or even annoying. I would prefer when kids are a little older, maybe when they have about 10 years, I mean, just begining high school. In this period, kids are growing so fast and they can understand and get in practice all advices and recomendations made by his teachers and parents.
i didnt learn about this till i was literally 12 ! ! ! ! !
and im 17 now..
5 yrs.. thats gonna give them the wrong message..
u shud only teach this once the child hits puberty ! !
I think it could be usefull if it would be focused on self steem, self care and the right to protect your body and your privacy from others. But any mention of sex itself it's very unappropiate for the age.
I wonder what brought this on all of a sudden? Is it because of the escalation in numbers of teen pregnancies in the UK? Crazy solution. Feel sorry for the teachers.
I think this is useless and another sign of a stupid government (why not spend more time on the recession/whatever-it's-called or spend time actually gaining popularity, mr brown?)

I think that because five year olds won't understand most of what is taught. And they won't remember most of it. Which will mean it'll need to be retaught again. Nearly-entirely pointless.

There's no proper evidence that teaching children about sex (does anyone else think that if they go in too much detail, then it's sick?) when they're five will stop the high teen pregnancy rates. They simply copied the idea off the european countries that already do something similar to this. Why not try doing proper research first?...

deanhills wrote:

I wonder what brought this on all of a sudden? Is it because of the escalation in numbers of teen pregnancies in the UK?



Crazy solution. Feel sorry for the teachers.

It's a bit funny lol.
What? Why is this news?

I was taught sex ed in year six. This is still primary school, albeit the very end of it, and that was aaaagggeeessss ago. Maybe they're flip-flopping around as usual on these things.

Oh, and for the record, over a decade later I am neither a serial-father or an immoral harlet. Smile
Use condoms! haha
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