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How many high heels are too many?

Today I got to shopping, in the mall, my husband says to me, did you really needs another pair of high heels? after that I just thinking, I had not lemon green ones, oranges, grey, but I had 73 pairs, there are too many?
I think you have a valid point here. 73 pairs of heels is a little too much. I only own 4 good quality pairs of heels and I am very satisfied with them. Smile
me410 wrote:
Today I got to shopping, in the mall, my husband says to me, did you really needs another pair of high heels? after that I just thinking, I had not lemon green ones, oranges, grey, but I had 73 pairs, there are too many?

I can`t anserw.... What is high heels?
Clearly 73 pairs of high heels is more than anyone meeds. You may be in competition with Imelda Marcos (wife of the former dictator of the Philippines) for a record.

PS. high heels are shoes that raise the heel of the foot off the ground. They vary in height from about 1 inch (25 mm) or so to 3 inches or so. They are fashionable in part because they increase a person's apparent height, but the higher ones may also have adverse health effects. Until about the seventies, only women wore high heels, but since then some men do also.
I think you could cut down your collection by weeding out the 20+ pairs of black heels that look almost exactly alike.

I own 32 pairs of heels myself, but sometimes find myself thinking "Damn I wish I had leather loafers that had silver buckles instead of brass." So I can understand the need for the variety.

But yeah... if you're compulsive and have to have all the metal-accents of your outfit matching, or have your heels be the same shade of brown as your jacket, it's understandable to have more than 10 pairs of heels. 72 might be a bit much, though.

Once in awhile you should probably check to see if you have repeats of shoes of the same color/style/metal buckles, and donate those heels to Goodwill or something. Maybe even see if a friend wants them.

Then you can get more shoes!
I wish I had 73 pairs, LOL :p. I wish I actually had more than five!
When I was in London last week, was completely captivated by those large heels, especially the ones that come with boots. Wow! Some lovely sights to behold. All I can say is that they really look GOOD on some of the ladies wearing them and if they come in wardrobes of 73, well good that ladies like to wear them. I note Gwyneth Paltrow is also wearing these, however wonder how suitable they are for her, including the short minis. I really prefer her in classical style wardrobe. Seems to overly focus on only one part of her anatomy these days, to the detriment of the sophisticated rest of her.
Wow... if you add up every single pair of shoes that I've ever owned, you still wouldn't get anywhere near that! But then again.... a pair of tennis shoes will last me a few years... and I just have a pair of tennis shoes, dress shoes, work boots, and hiking boots....
I'm a guy.... and if I have to pay for them (for a woman) then 2 pairs is enough
me410 wrote:
Today I got to shopping, in the mall, my husband says to me, did you really needs another pair of high heels? after that I just thinking, I had not lemon green ones, oranges, grey, but I had 73 pairs, there are too many?

I love high heels but they are bad for the back and feet.
you got 73 pairs of high heels!!! omg!!
do you have other shoes as well?

I got 1 pair of heels as I prefer flats and when am at home I walk abt bare footed all the time.
Too many, INHO. But who am I to judge? Laughing
I assume, that all they have place for storage, and each pair has matching combination of clothes, at least purses and belts, maybe even gloves and hats. And occasions where to wear them Very Happy
What then are you doing on a free host Smile Apart from this particular is just nice people Wink
No ill intentions to offend or envy (I gave up my high heels at all, after life became unsuitable for them), and question is purely rhetorical.
It is much! But I know someone who has so many pairs of shoes that she buyed the same
shoes as she already had in her wardrobe Very Happy When she came home she found out she already had
that pair of shoes Laughing
I don't think you can ever have too many pairs of shoes. I love shoes!!! I may have more than 1 pair of same colour but, they look different. It depends on the look you're going for.

My daughter is worse than me. I think she has a shoe fetish. Not just heels either. She just loves shoes too!

So you can never have too many pairs of shoes in my book.
I hate using high heels! I am not sure any of my shoes qualify as high heels...but some have a "higher" heel and they are still so uncomfortable! So, for me one pair is more than enough! Probably black so I can use it with almost anything.
I don't know how many pairs I have, but I've just realize that I don't have any good, old, practical tennis shoes. I don't think I own any shoes with strings, for that matter. Weird.

You can never have too many shoes. Unless it's really affecting your life in a negative way. Like, you can't store them. Or you have a pile of shoes so big that there's an avalanche danger.

I don't think house insurance covers a shoe avalanche.
I have a love/hate relationship with shoes. I LOVE shoes, esp. high heels, and wear them (high heels) to work every single day. However, the minute I get home, I take them off, and go barefoot the rest of the night. If I could get away with it, I would never wear shoes. Ah, freedom! Very Happy
i dont think its so much the number of shoes that makes it too many. Its when it boils down to you thinking " i don't think i have one in kinda-light lime green or pink plaid that it shows that you may be grasping at straws and just love yourself some shoes Smile) Not saying thats bad, but when it gets down to colours that you don't really need to match to an outfit ( ok unless its for a video shoot or something lol) that its jjust a reason to buy some heels. I do that. I don't know how many boots or black heels i have - but i like different styles. Smile) I KNOW i just want to buy them though when i get them. They make me feel different depending on the style. Very Happy
I figure since I have enough problems walking in regular sneakers falling/tripping and all other types of clumsiness I should not add a long spike of a heel to it where I can cause serious damage to other persons.
As a guy who has dated many a girl with crazy shoe buying skills, I always say the same thing. You can have as many shoes as you can wear regularly, and have space to keep. It's all cost:benefit. If you're going to spend 100 dollars on a pair of high heels you're only gonna wear once... it might not be worth the investment. And if you move around a lot, maybe 73 pairs are not what you want to lug around with you.
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