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Date and time problem

My sister got computer and it is working good at start. Then she got ADSL and computers time and date is going five year back. When I change this and restart comp everythign is OK for one or two times, but then again go back in the time. I was try to change time in bios but the result is the same.

Any idea is welcome.
Is the computer brand new, or is it old. If it's old try reformatting the hard drive, it could be caused by Spyware and/or viruses. Try doing a scan with some programs first then if you can't remove them then I'd reformat.
I would not format the computer yet.

It could be that the battery that supports the clock when the computer is off is going bad. Turn the computer off over night and have the power unplugged from the wall. Then the next day power back up and go directly to the bios. Check the time there. If it is wrong there it could be a hardware issue. There is a reasonable chance that the battery that supports the clock is dieing. You will have to check the check with the computer maker to see if the battery is easily replaceable.

To get in your bios steps.

1. Turn off your computer.
2. Turn the computer back on. Watch closely for a message that says 'press XX to run setup' the XX could be most any key but common ones are f1, f2, f10 and Delete.
3. All bioses are a bit different but often time can be found in the general area.

It's probably the CPU battery being dead so everytime you start your computer and reset the BIOS time & date, it runs fine until you turn off your computer totally (switch off everything and pull out the plug). The date still remains if your main switch is not turned off.

Does your ADSL modem work as a router as well with admin settings? Some of them have date and time settings as well and this may be causing your computer to display the wrong time & date. Try setting the date & time options there as well.
Thanks for all sugestions. I will try it and see what happend in next few days.

If the computer is new, which if it is then the battery is not going, then you should do a virus scan. If it's old then try to do the steps posted above. No need for the battery to be replaced if the computer is brand new.
No, computer is not new, maybe is battery problem.

looks more like a battery problem to me... replace it with a CR 2032.. that should solve the problem
Is the battery the problem?

It is a battery on the motherboard - about 2.5cm in diameter.

If it is not the problem, then if you are using Windows XP, there is a Time Service running on your OS, Windows Time Service - this can be located in Control Panel -> Administration Tools -> Services.

Scroll to the bottom and you should be able to locate Windows Time.

It is safe to disable this, if you do not need it, some application software uses this to synchronise the PC time for data entry/logging purposes.

Hope this help.
Thanks, for all your sugestion. I am notice this forum and I will do something in next few days but I cannot promise because I haven't free time.

Thanks, for all your sugestion. I am notice this forum and I will do something in next few days but I cannot promise because I haven't free time.

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