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Andre Young

Andre Young a.k.a Andre DesignZ. Born in Montego Bay
Jamacia where I started Photography and Graphic Designing
in the year 2007, specializing in Graphic Designing, PhotoGraphy
and Photo Retouching. Photo-Retouching is an art and by
definition that means: To improve or change (a photographic
negative or print), by adding details or removing flaws.
Also to color recent growth of hair to match hair that was tinted,
dyed, or bleached at an earlier date. There are some poor retouching
done by others, with AndreDesignzStudio, you have access the best
retouching in the business and if you think retouching isn't for you,
picture this, think of your favorite celebrity, now, consider that any
photo you've ever seen of them on a magazine, movie poster, or
billboard has been retouched. If you're in the same business you
would want that same edge, wouldn't you?
Photography & Graphics is Andre's passion and we know it's yours.
Together we can build the most comprehensive source of online
photographic information. Now relax, we don't do cheesy,
blurred-skin, cyborg-quality retouching either. Yeah, we'll smooth
your skin and get rid of blemishes, but we can also brighten
your eyes, fix your hair, give you a tan, and even trim you
down a bit, if you're into that sort of thing. I also do graphic
designs for hi5 and my space pages and coming soon I will be doing websites.
Just about anything to do with graphics Im up and ready for
the job. Thanks for reading and for information on anything
else contact me by email at

Thats all about me for now Cool
Welcome to Frihost Dre!!
awesome first post! I know you'll love the Hobby section thats where most of the photography/graphic chat goes down in. Needs a little more activiy though so see you there in a bit!
thanks for the welcome lethaltriad am sure gonna love that forum
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