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Hosting Mini-Soccer Website

I'm thinking of transferring my under-nines website to this server because I am running out of room in my personal virgin-media webspace. Can anyone comment on the reliability?
Best Regards


PS: I've added this topic again because I failed to check the message notification box the first time!
So far for me its been very reliable. As long as you have the time to keep active in the forums, there should be no problems. Even if the server does go down (very very rarely) its not like it would effect you too hard though right? Your U 9's could wait an afternoon to get their football update Razz
Thanks for that

Perhaps you might like to take a look at the site as it stands and see what you think??

Best Regards

Yeah, I think its doing its job effectively enough. Its using outdated methods like frames and tables to be made, but really i think it wouldn't really matter at all in this situation with the target audience and purpose in mind.

If you were going to do a revamp all I would suggest would be to get into the Div tags instead of using the frames.
Hi thanks for the reply,

Your observations are much appreciated but I would point out that that this site doesn't use frames as such, with possible the exception of a couple of I-frames, one of which is used to display a particularly wide HTML document which displays Soccer 7 results and one which displays an uploaded movie on Youtube, plus the one only "frameset" containing an externally linked page from the FA's own website. (Soccer Parent). Other than that, each page is a completely seperate HTML document created in Dreamweaver, which, incidentally, uses numerous div tags both outside of and within tables.

I did not particularly want to enter in to a discussion as to the technical shortcomings or merits of the site in view of the fact that it's lifespan is likely to be no more than one season and for that reason I am hardly likely to be considering a re-vamp, but your comments will be reviewed if, and when I am putting together an "under-tens" site next year.

You will find that most sites of this type still use "outdated methods" including the professionally produced Football Association one. The main criteria is that the site can be easily accessed by ALL interested parties, using the most basic level of equipment, most of whom are purely interested in the Sport content and not any fancy bells and whistles (apart from the ref's), as you say, the "target audience"....

If it were not for the fact that I am running out of space on my personal Virgin Media account I would not be looking at third party hosting as an option, so I need to make a decision soon.

Thanks and Best Regards, Graham
I run a golfteam on here, never had a problem
Frihost is the most reliable free web host you will find , bar none

Ive used a lot and none of them come close to Frihost for reliability (+ no ads, etc)
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