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Mirror's Edge

This game looks frickin' awesome.

official website

The main character is also really nice (I'm an anime fan, I just like the colours and shape).

There have also been some good reviews of it:

But it's been said that the gunplay/fight scenes are bad, which is basically the latter half of the game, where EA kinda chickened out of the original idea
looks completely awesome, but I don't have a 360 or ps3
From what I've heard, it's good but insanely hard and very short.
That is a Swedish game!!!

Hm, it has got very good reviews - a new variant of first person games.
Isn't portal also very short?

My friend put it very well

"this is a rental, not a purchase"
Ive played the Demo on this like 500 times! I know that its out in the stores now, but i'll get it on my birthday this friday!

It's sooooo nice! Its like you smash the Novel "1984" and Parkour together and you get the most beutiful and entertaining game in history!

The Revolution is upon us....
I've played the demo as well and it's insanely fun. But I've heard it is a short game, but it does have some replay value with the race/timed mode. Because of that I'm on the fence as to whether I should buy this game or rent it.
I too have tried the demo and it's really great, BUT I hate the fact that it is only in first person. If it were in 3rd person it would have been really really great!!! Very Happy The graphics are really great! Very Happy
Off to utube to check it
God I can't wait for it to come to PC, I really NEED to play this game, it's so awesome ;>
If it takes too long I might end up getting myself xbox360 or ps3...
My brother ended up buying this game a few days after it came out. It indeed was a short game, it took him 3 days to beat with a couple of hours per session. Because of I've been busy with school I haven't had a chance to play a lot of it but from watching him play it's really fun, and at times quite frustrating because if you make a mistake you have to redo a complex run over again, and I found my brother getting pissed off quite often at the game. Still, I want to play the game for myself, as it is very fun.
I've seen a preview at an online video games tv and it seemed to be a very nice game. Even if you can't do many things, those few things you can do, you do it your way.

I think I'll take the demo to so I could give it a go....
I played the demo for it and it was pretty fun. Unfortunately everyone says the game is pathetically short. It's hard to justify spending 60 bucks for a 6 hour game. That goes for Heavenly Sword as well.
nice game i played the demo
I played the demo, but got stuck at one part which made me hate the game Neutral
I love this game it is amazing. It is hard untill you get the idea down but then it is easy. Also the fight scenes arent that bad at all.
Ok, all together now:

yes it is a Swedish game!
this game IS frickin sweet. I played it at my friends then went and got it for my ps3 the next day. I love it. And the levels toward the end are so sweet. The city looks great and the way you run and jump from building to building is sooo cool. The level design couldnt have been better it's awesome I love this game
don't you think it gets old pretty quickly?
It seems to be pretty boring, what excitement can you achieve out of running around in a virtual world?
the game gives you the ability not to kill every person you see... and thats very rare
Agent ME
I've played the demo of the game - I want to check out the full game (probably will rent it), but the few people I've seen in it look almost out of place, as if they were real photographic quality people "photoshopped" into the game. Maybe that's just me.
Look awesome im ganna get it soon!
I loved the demo, I played it to bits. I thought it'd be my favourite game of all time, or at least up there with them.

Then I bought it and played, and I found that it's pretty much the demo over and over again. The levels feel repeated and the combat feels rushed and tacky.
I just beat it a couple of weeks ago. I really liked it a lot. As I mentioned earlier, yeah, it's short. But I like to think of it sort of like portal. It's a unique take on platforming and executes quite well. Now that I think about it, I'm kinda glad it was short. I don't think games like this and portal should be overly long.
Its not just running and jumping you can pick up the badguys guns and shoot them too
djcaution wrote:
Its not just running and jumping you can pick up the badguys guns and shoot them too

jea. but its not the mean idee of the game

75% you are running around and jumping of buildings

i've played the demo and it's not mine type of game, but i think its great that EA is trying to create new IP's (game series)
Awesome game... Need to think fast Very Happy
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