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My coloured fishes are dieing, Help

I have a 2ftX2ft aquarium with 3 sword tail(2 female 1 male), Two medium sized gold-fish, two black sharks (small sized) and two crocodile fish(small). I have one air pump and a heater(all are properly electricaly shielded). I have five different water plants to supply adequate oxygen to them.I have chosen the fishes according to the level they prefer to roam(as per my little knowledge) so that crowding can be avoided (sword tail for upper layer, gold fish and shark for middle and crocodile for lower layer of the aquarium).I use to feed them the standard dryfood available in the market.The water is cleaned once in a fortnight or as soon as any fish dies.Each time the aquamarine blue is added to the water to prevent any contamination.I have no toy inside the aquarium. So this is the case history.

now in recent time two of my sword tail died and others are also suffering from the strange problem.Their lower portion(tail-stomach) is getting thinner and thinner(as if they are suffering from mal-nutrition in the back side of their body), bone bended permanently to one side and collapses finaly.Changing water did not help.Slowly others are also becoming affected.They are taking the dry-food without any problem. I am using the same dryfood from the same vendor for the last two years.

Please help.I cann't see my favorite fishes dieing one after another in front of my eye any more.
I'm suspecting that your fish have managed to catch a contagious disease somehow.

If this is the case, then rule #1 is DO NOT PUT ANY MORE FISH IN THE TANK. Any new fish in the tank will also catch the disease and slowly die.
You would then want to consult with a fish expert, on the unlikely chance that there is actually something you can do to cure the disease.
It is likely that there is no cure/treatment. If that is the case you'll have to decide whether to get rid of the fish now (in such a way that they will not infect more fish), or wait for them all to die off of the disease.
(It is possible that some species are immune: are there any types of fish in the tank not affected at all? If so, you could keep those, but rule #1 would still apply.)
The tank will not be disease free until you do all of these things:
-get rid of all infected fish (one way or another) Sad
-remove all water
-remove all objects and sanitize them very thoroughly with lots of bleach (or better yet, replace them)
-sanitize the tank, again with lots of bleach, then be sure to rinse all the bleach out
-refill with water, objects, and fish

Its sad, but you'll likely have to resort to that. The field of fish medicine is not very advanced, so all you can really do is quarantine, sanitize, and hope for the best.

Let me re-emphasize one more time:
It is impossible to have a disease free tank AND save any of the original fish.
Ok, Better eliminate some of them than all. Crying or Very sad
But why did it happen? How can it be prevented in future?

Fish doctor? None of my vendor or any other people have heard of that.
Anyway thanx for the advice.
bukaida wrote:
Ok, Better eliminate some of them than all. Crying or Very sad
But why did it happen? How can it be prevented in future?

Eliminating the sick ones as soon as they show symptoms may slow the spread of the disease, but it probably won't stop it. Living in a confined, closed environment like that makes disease spread very easy (whatever causes the disease is floating around in all the water, inside the fish, on the plants/decorations and on the tank surfaces). You can also slow the spread by changing the water more often. Rule #1 from the last post still applies though.
A disease usually enters your tank when a sick fish or other object with the disease on it is put into the tank. You can minimize the risk by getting fish and plants only from reputable stores, disinfecting any accessories/decorations before you add them in (especially if they have been used before), and never taking a fish/plant out of the wild for your tank. There is always a small risk though, even when you follow those rules.

Fish doctor? None of my vendor or any other people have heard of that.
Anyway thanx for the advice.

That's because there's no such thing. (Unfortunately for your fish)
If you can find an aquarium store with employees who really know their business, there is a small chance that they may be able to help you.

Just remember that a healthy looking fish can still carry the disease, and infect others, so don't mix possibly infected fish, and fish that haven't been exposed.
Thats sad. One of my old fish died from something like that. The other one was ok, but he was removed from the tank when it happened.
Sorry about your losses.
How to prevent this in future: if you plan to keep fish again, you likely will read more and more at tropical/freshwater fish forums. It takes time to find suitable for you, but it is very helpful. You can discuss planned setup, get advices to prevent mistakes at early stage. Setting and keeping the healthy tank is not always easy, especially with amount of widely available misleading information, but possible for anyone. Having quarantine tank/container helps.
You mentioned air pump and heater, but not what kind of filter and water parameters. Iimproving conditions allows keep fish healthy, while quarantine everything alive, including plants and invertebrates, what you put in the tank, prevents infecting main tank.
If you already know and doing that, sorry, I couldn't know that.

In case of diseases you can search the web for symptoms and treatment, and do that at early stage. Forums may give fast reply. If fish becomes sick, better to move it in hospital tank/container for treatment.

Good luck in fish keeping and don't be discouraged.
Crinoid wrote:
while quarantine everything alive, including plants and invertebrates, what you put in the tank, prevents infecting main tank.

Not a sure thing, unfortunately. An individual fish or a breed/species of fish might be resistant/immune to the effects of the disease, but still carry it, and still infect the main tank even though it sat for a long time in quarantine with no symptoms.
Then, when you put the quarantined fish(es) back in, you might see the rest of the fishes start to die off again, though the previously quarantined one is still healthy, which would cause you to quarantine all the living fishes again. That cycle could repeat over and over, with the same healthy-looking fish infecting tankfull after tankfull of others.
It's most likely a parasite. Did you introduce any new fish or plants recently? You've got to separate the healthy fish into a new tank in order to save them. There is not much you can do for the rest.
I have washed the plants and other staffs with potasium parmanganet solution. Also washed the aquarium with bleaching powder. All my fishes except a goldfish died finaly Crying or Very sad . As per the suggesstion of many of you I am keeping the goldfish separate. Actually I was busy in these days trying to save them but finally didnot succeed. Shocking for me and my three year son both. I have to start all over again.
I don't think cleaning the tank with bleaching powder is a good thing. Also How big is your tank. This fish getting skinny and die thing happens when somethings wrong in water too. Like too much ammonia. When your fish get ill and you want to treat them remove everything in tank and keep the tank barebottom. make the water level 25% law. And use medicine.

Goldfish and swardtails are not a good match anyway. Goldfish make too much ammonia which is not good for swardtails. They like clear , clean water. Also join few Aquarium forums and read around that way you will learn lot about fish.
I'm not sure what might be happening here, but the ''bleaching powder'', what ever that is, is not a good idea. ANY soap, bleach, cleansers, etc, should never be used in an aquarium. My mother used to own a pet shop and she said that no matter how hard you try you will probably not be able to rinse it all out to make it safe for the fish.

Also any airborne toxins will get into the water and kill your fish. Insecticides, (BTW, keep in mind that many other household products, if sprayed on a bug will kill it. Including hairspray) spray cleaners, air fresheners (many of these are actually oils, which spread tiny droplets of the oil in the air which then settle into the water)

Also I agree with the poster who said that gold fish and freshwater tropicals, like swordtails, are not a good mix. Gold fish tend to be 'dirty' fish and need cleaning more often.

Be sure when you clean the tank and replace the water that you allow time for any chlorine in the water to disapate out of the water before you add your fish. I always allowed at least 24 hours for that to happen. There are products on the market that are supposed to remove or neutralize chlorine, but I never really trusted them that much.

You may also want to get a PH kit and make sure your water isn't too acid or alkaline for your fishes health.

My 2 cents
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