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Don't submit websites using automated services!

First of all, a technique of my own, then some stuff you might want to know BEFORE submitting your website using automated services like 123Submit!
This is a technique I like to call "backlinking".

I used it on a net website directory in the past, it worked incredibly.

And it's so easy to do! (Especially if you run a website directory like me!!)

The easiest way to backlink is to provide a forum to go along with your website. Forums are not very consuming of webspace, and best of all get you traffic. Make your forum technology MyBB. Why? In a test I ran, MyBB was the most search engine friendly. Include a section on your forum where users can advertise their site, get it reviewed etc. Get some members to do this. Now, submit your site to some search engines. The spiders will go to your forums first, and index the links that your members advertised. Not only will it index those, but will increase your own search engine traffic. Trust me, after time, it will accumulate.

Now, what you've been waiting for, why NOT to use those automated services!

Sites like 123Submit say that for free they'll submit your site to 20+ search engines. For money, they'll submit it to more. Trust me, you're throwing your money and time away. See, I tested these services, and not ONE single bot visited my site. I submitted once a month, still, nothing. I submitted normally, still nothing. And I mean, this site was awesomely designed. Finally, after 3 months, Google started giving me traffic.

So tell me, is it really worth your money?Submit it yourself! That's what I did with x2Forums, my old forum host, and I get like 1000 hits/day!
What test did you run to find out mybb was the most search engine friendly?
1000 hits?
or 1000 raw users.
I got 1000 hits a day on a crap website that didnt even do anything.
I agree.

It makes your website looks like spam if you do that. Search Engines doesn't like they way it submitted as stated above. You should do it manually and professionally.
dont forget to use RSS and Meta tages...
use perfect keywords that you match your website and put your post in friend of the web page using the rss... you can use rss to html converter for this.
Yeah, shouldn't forget that as it's important Wink
mario you didn't answer my question? Sad
Sorry, forgot :9

Well, I ran a sample collection of boards, (most popular, of course that are free) over a month.

Here's what I found out.

1ST Place - myBB with 800-1000 Search Engine Hits altogether
2ND Place - phpBB3 with 600-700 Search Hits altogether
3RD Place - SMF with about 500

The rest were horrible. But those are the top3.
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