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Best Value Intel Chip


What is the best value Intel chip on the market.

I'm not a gamer but I do open lots of applications and tabs in Firefox.

Cheers Possum..
Well, what do you mean by "value"? Basically, what's your budget? Personally what I do is buy an inexpensive chip and then overclock it to the level of the chips that cost more.

But yeah, I can give you some suggestions if you set a budget. And just to make sure, you are using socket LGA775, right? Or is this for a new computer?

I just want to start getting ready to buy a new computer. I have lost touch with CPU's and want to get a little more knowledgeable.

IM not really on a budget. But I hear there is a sweet spot with CPU prices for CPU's that are not the best but are value for money..

Cheers Possum..
I was looking for a good value-for-money Intel processor recently ... I decided upon E8400.

With all their price cuts, AMD are having some really good deals too.

This article might be helpful (it's a couple of months old, though)
You can check it on their website...just type on google " Intel chipset type "

E8400 is a great when it comes to value for money as mOrpheuS said. It also overclocks really well. From the dual core side, that's what I'd also choose.

If you want quad core, there are many other choices as well. A couple months ago, I would have highly recommended the Q6600. I think they sell for about $185 nowadays. You may also want to look at the newer 45nm chips, like the Q9450, but I still find the Q6600 to be the better deal. With decent cooling, 3.2 GHz can easily be accomplished. Higher is always possible so long as your cooling is up to it.

Thx for advice on Chips.

The next step is to build the computer. Where can I learn how to do This.
And what do you think about this chip from Intel P8400? Because i use a Laptop with this chip.
I've got an order for a E7300 at the moment. I think Quad core is good but most likely overkill because a lot of applications aren't optimised to take advantage of quad cores but of course the performance is better than a dual core.

I didn't want to go with AMD because I've never had any and didn't really want to test the waters with this build because it's a relatively important file server but their mid-range processors are really good value in comparison with Intel's.
devaco wrote:
And what do you think about this chip from Intel P8400? Because i use a Laptop with this chip.

Decent chip for a laptop (I think it is 2.26 GHz with 3 MB of L2 cache). Personally I'd get the P9500, but that's just me.


Building a computer is easy. There are many guides on the web, although I can't really suggest any since I haven't looked through any of them. Here is something to get you started.
If you don't game and you open a lot of tabs in firefox, you can pretty much use any core 2 duo that Intel has. If you open a BUNCH of stuff, then a Q6600 quad core is a great value. But any core 2 duo should handle anything you're doing.
I bought a Dell OptiPlex 755 with 8400 processor..

Great computer. Love the 8400 Smile
If you going to be using windows 7 and you think you need support for XP mode then dont get the E8400. It doesnt support VT so it cant do the XP Virtual machine, otherwise I agree that its a great CPU for the value.

I think the Q6600 is one of the best deals right now if you want to get something that will be good for a few years down the road. It does support VT so you can use the XP virtual machine feature if you need to.
From what I've heard, the Q6600 is the best for the price at the moment, but then you have to consider that you may need a new motherboard to use it, and therefore possibly a new case and ram.
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