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Pics of chicks! (Not what you think.)

Alright, I have a non-standard interest in birds. How about you? Got pet birds? If so, got any pictures you can share? I especially like baby bird pictures, and I'm appealing to you fine folks for more of 'em. ^^

I understand this appears weird to many people; why look at gangly birds when you could look at pictures of furry puppies or kittens with bad grammar? Well, birds can be cute too. Tatoeba:

Does anybody know of a good gallery of bird images that isn't just pictures of flying hawks or flamingoes standing around? I would very much like the link to such a place... because a GIS for "chicks" doesn't bring up the right subject matter.

Please and thanks. :D
I've never really payed much attention to birds but I can see why you would have an interest in birds by looking at those pictures. I don't know of any galleries of bird pictures, but I'm sure a web search would turn up some results.
My specific problem is with web searches, actually. Searching for "bird photo gallery" brings up lots of results, but the galleries are generally all stereotypical shots of soaring eagles or parrots in trees. Finding good pictures of less common birds (like secretary birds, keas, nightjars, etc) is harder than a quick web search. I seem to have the best results in zoological forums, but the images are always small and grainy. ;_; My hope is that somebody with an interest in high-quality bird photos could point me in the right direction.
These chicks portray the characteristics of kindness and bueaty. All these chicks symbolize the worlds bueaty in the world. Chicks supply us with eggs and meat to support our daily consumptions. these are my views that i hold on chickens.

The chicken (Gallus gallus, sometimes G. gallus domesticus) is a domesticated fowl which is traditionally believed to have descended from the wild Red Junglefowl found in India (species: Gallus Gallus).[1] However, some genetic research has suggested that the bird likely descended from both Red and the Grey Junglefowl (G. sonneratii). Although hybrids of both wild types usually tend toward sterility, recent genetic work has revealed that the genotype for yellow skin present in the domestic fowl is not present in what is otherwise its closest kin, the Red Junglefowl. It is deemed most likely, then, that the yellow skin trait in domestic birds originated in the Grey Junglefowl.[2]

As the species spread domestication occurred throughout multiple sites in Asia—including India where it was used for ****** fighting.[3] From India the domestication of chicken spread throughout Near East, Africa and the Greco-Roman world.[3]

The chicken is one of the most common and widespread domestic animals. With a population of more than 24 billion in 2003,[4] there are more chickens in the world than any other bird. Humans keep chickens primarily as a source of food, with both their meat and their eggs consumed.
...okay, yes. Chickens are wonderful, and thank you for that enlightening background. o.o;

...was that just a spam post?

Actually, there's a blog I like to visit where a guy follows the adventures of his pet chicken. It's in Japanese, but the pictures are hilarious... especially because the chicken's face has attitude.

Uchi no Niwatori san (Mr. House-Chicken)
first off the chicken with the glasses looks dead and thats just sad. I Have an aunt in NewYork who raises chickens and i have to say baby chicks are some of the cutest baby animals on earth.
Some nice lookin birds!
andysart380 wrote:
first off the chicken with the glasses looks dead and thats just sad. I Have an aunt in NewYork who raises chickens and i have to say baby chicks are some of the cutest baby animals on earth.

Lulz. XD He's not dead, but Nacchan (the chicken's name) is a little weird... he often sleeps on his side, and his comb kinda falls over his right eye, so he walks with his head tilted all the time.

(Caption reads "Together with daddy~")

Baby chickens ARE so insanely cute! I love how their feet are so big compared to the rest of them for the first week or so... like tiny, fluffy little dinosaurs with clumsy feets. :D Cuuuuute! (Do you happen to have any pictures of your aunt's chickens that you'd like to share? o.o Please?)
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