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Is it Possible to write your own Site Map


Would it be easy for me write my own google site map. ?

Where could I learn to do this..?
If it's easy for you depends on your site.
The link was given above.

If you have a database driven site, you could write it in PHP.

This topic should go more in web programming than seo.
It will definitely help your website to have the sitemap. That way google crawls everything. Google has some information on writing one as does However, there is a far easier way, and that would be to have someone like XML Sitemaps do it for you. Plus, its free! You can then edit the file to your liking.

Also, remember that this is not a sitemap on a web page where users can go and see all the links to your site, this is a special xml file that google uses to index all your pages. It is especially useful for dynamic websites, websites that use a lot of flash or AJAX, and if you have a new site that doesn't have many links to it yet.

Have fun!
Sitemaps are super easy to write yourself.

If your web site is database driven, then use PHP.

If your website is simple HTML, then I suggest a web site like automap-it (do a google search, there are lots of similar sites out there). I use it for one of my sites and it goes ok. You just need to make sure that all your sites pages are linked, otherwise these services might miss some pages.

The benefits of a sitemap are really big with google. One of my sites has 4000+ pages and before I had my sitemap only 10% or so of pages were indexed. Now 3900+ pages have been indexed. I used PHP and made my own sitemap for that site. You can have a look at the format at
i have rss feed in my site forum. can i use this feed as sitemap like ?
It sounds like you are not a programmer. Rather than write a long explanation, here is an online tool that you might find helpful. I have never had a reason to do so since I write my own sitemaps or use CMS tools to write them for me.

Hope that helps.
Well ... i made a script which is generating dynamic sitemap for my website - every note I add is placed on sitemap automaticly Smile

I made even a tutorial how to do this, butit's recommended to know a little about PHP Smile


Sitemap basics:

Dynamic google sitemap (PHP):

My sitemap:

I hope this will help You a little Smile
for creating site map you can also use sitemap feature of visual studio. you can also assign site map database with this, creating the dynamic links with coding. thats a cool stuff try out.
Writing a site map is VERY simple.

Its very simple.
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