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Hey everyone Very Happy

It's my first post here.Let me start by saying that I found this forum on google,and decided to share my story with you.

I am from Greece and I go to a college in Cyprus.(= small Island near Greece)

I'm very difficult when it comes to relationships. I got a lot requests,but I deny them all. I'm looking for a guy who has it all. Looks,style,personality and manners. A guy I have chemistry with.Someone I can communicate with and share mutual interests and views. Guys who have the whole package are very few and definetely hard to find.and then I met D.


We met in a club in Cyprus,as I shouted "You look like Soulja boy!" to him (ROFL,i know.) We danced for a bit,and then went out of the club and started discussing politics etc. I was like "WOW.Finally a guy with looks who is smart.Yay!" ...He got my number but I didn't get his.The next day he called me,but I didnt realize it was him (unknown ID) so I hanged up ...Then I left due to the christmas holidays and came back some time later.


I didn't have his number so I couldn't call him. After some days, we run into each other at that same club...We were so excited to see each other again.We danced and talked. The next night he didnt come to the club...I called him and asked him to come. He was in bed,about to sleep but got up and came.He told me never in his life he got ready so fast. So we danced a bit and then we went to a restaurant.There he told me he had a girlfriend. I said "I'm kinda dissapointed but I glad you told me"...I couldn't believe he's so nice and honest.We left the restaurant and walked to his house. He put on a movie to watch...we had a wonderful time. The next night he asked me to go with him to this other club.I said yes. He treated me very nice. When we were in the club,he tried to kiss me but I avoided it.Then we went outside and i asked him why he did that since he has a girlfriend. I said to him "don't do with me what you wouldn't do in front of your girlfriend"...We went to his house and he was in a very bad mood. He started punching the things like "damn're a stunner bla bla bla bla but I can't leave her,we've been going out for 4 months now,what would you think if I dumped her? Wouldnt you think I could dump you like that as well?",I said to him "Your relationship with her is like a building...and if you get with me it will be like jumping off that building.." he said "will there be a parachute to rescue me?" and I said "No,you will either have to take the risk of dying or just stay on that building.." meaning I can't guarantee our relationship will be smoothselling. then I said "you say you want me but you're a coward..." and he said "what?" and grabbed me and kissed me. We were kissing for long.Then,because his bed was a single bed,he took me to his friends house so we could sleep there. Things got a little hot...then he said to me "I don't listen to my penis.I can be on the same bed with a naked chick and do nothing at all"...He said that cause I thought he wanted to have sex with me right there lol. I appreciated that a lot.We cuddled and slept.Then,I saw him on Sunday at church.(He goes to church Cool ) I told him we have to talk. We went to a park nearby,and told him we should be friends. We had a nice time talking and chilling.


After that,he would call me everyday asking me how I am and stuff. So one day I suggested that we meet.He said ok. I went to his house,and we were talking...he was telling me he does all the work in his relationship with his gf...he treats her like a queen but she doesn't really appreciate it. I gave him advice as a real friend would. The days passed,and I couldnt stop liking him. We met again once,and then I bought him some stuff for his room.....


Left to go to Greece.



I went back just for a week. I had changed my number.He didn't have it. Within 2 hours he had found my number and called me. I said "who is this" he said "your worst are you doing?So you dont wanna let us know you're back"....I was smiling so I told him I'd call him the next day.


We talked on the phone for a bit then we said we'd meet at the Church.


He was looking very nice.He obviously had spent some time in front of the mirror!


I couldn't take it anymore. I met him,and he started talking about the past (February etc)...I was like "Yeah..when I used to like you..." and he said "Oh so you dont like me anymore.." I felt like he was trying hard to trap me . It was around 12 pm when I said I had to go. I went downstairs and then decided to go back. He had left the door open. It was dark inside. I walked in and went close to him. I could feel his body in the dark. He leaned and kissed me. I responded. I felt as my heard would explode ! Then I said "I have to go" and dissapeared in the dark. (ROFL....)


I would go back to I texted him "When I got here last Friday you complained that I didnt tell you I was back.Now that I'm leaving,im letting you know"...well he usually replies within 10 minutes or calls me . This time I got no response from him. I called him up and he said he was busy and that we can meet in the club later. I was very pissed. I called him again around 10 and I said to him "I'm not like your little girlfriend you can't behave like this with me" and he said " don't talk about my girlfriend in this way" so I said "fine goodbye" and hung up. Then I texted him I'm sorry I spoke like that and that I'd see him next year.

June,July,August - We didn't contact each other. I went back to Greece and I thought I'd get over him. I said to myself,Ill be in Greece ,i'll meet new guys and say bye bye to D. They say distance make love grow fonder (or whatever) well that appeared to be true. No matter who I met,I still couldn't get over D. I liked this guy,he tried to kiss me,and I avoided it.I started getting mad at myself.Was something wrong with me? Well yes. I still liked D! At that point I realized it was something deeper.It was love.


I went back to Cyprus.I realized I was very wrong,showing him I care and all that. I decided to be a little bitchy. ( Read "why men love bitches " and "why men marry bitches") LOL. In other words,I decided to be friendly with him,and nothing more than that. We met at church and were friendly to each other.He asked me how my summer was etc. I couldn't realize if he still had feelings for me. Then I went to my pastors house to have lunch. He came too. After lunch,we talked a bit,and I realized he still likes me.He would ask me the same questions and stuff. Oh..he still was with his girl.


Me and him went to a prayer meeting with our pastor's wife who was giving us a ride. We started teasing each other like crazy in her car lol. Then,on the way back,she left us at the same place. He asked me "so what are you doing now ?" I said " Its 9 pm. I have some time to kill till I go to the club." He said "Ok,let me walk to you to the traffic lights"...Well instead of that,we started walking...and...he started talking about the past....He said "If I could describe you in one word that would be unpredictable.." He added that what we had didn't start well...I said "nothing went right"...I was acting like I didn't care and that I had moved on.But he was stressing the subject.Then he said "that night you came to my house.....after we kissed...I felt so bad"..(May)...We had a very decent conversation,I love our all should mention here I had changed my number again and he had changed his so we couldn't call each other. At that point,I was going to the clubs hoping I could meet him. One night,I was in the club and on my way to the ladies room I saw him. We greeted each other by kissing each other on the cheeks. Then I went back to my friends.He came near me after 10 mins and said "can I get a dance?" I said "a dance to this?" he said "yeah u know i like dancehall" so we danced and man,it felt so good! The chemistry between us was UNBELIEVABLE. At that time I still had hopes for me and him. But that changed when I started seeing his girlfriend with him at the clubs. (Previously she didnt use to come a lot cause she was in High school. This year though she made it to college so she comes.).....I was dying whenever I was seeing them together so I said to myself " To hell with this,I will never have him so I better move on" no longer I would be going to the clubs hoping to meet him. I still would go sometimes,for my own entairtainment.

I still wanted to tell him how I feel though. You see, I am sure D never knew How I really felt. I am very sociable,talking to everyone and have many friends. I also talk to a lot of guys. His girlfriend ,on the other hand,is very reserved. This can cause ambiguous feelings. I mean,how can he believe that I never did anything with no other guy when I'm so damn sociable? Like one night I was with this guy in the club,he's my bestfriend,but everyone thinks we're bf and gf....D was with his girl and couldnt take his eyes off of me.I was happy he was jealous..
I didnt wanna tell him how I feel im cause I respected his relationship with his girl.It took me weeks,but I finally decided I should let him know. If I don't tell him,I will never be able to move on.


I told him we have to talk. He agreed to talk on Sunday (aka tommorow!)...!!!! But I am not sure I wanna talk to him anymore.Last night I met this guy in the club and for the first time I had the feeling that something can happen.we met today for a drink and he's nice. way he's like D. We don't have this chemistry,but ....only time will tell? I dunno. I feel D is the guy for me. I have met many guys,but he's the only one I enjoy spending time with,the one I can have decent conversations with,the one I can dance with,have fun with...arg!

My friends say his girlfriend looks ok but she's not beautiful as I am.She lacks personality too. They think me and him have great chemistry and she's just an ordinary girl. I do believe he loves her,but what he and her have can not be compared to what me and him COULD have.

I'm sure I've caused you a headache ,I want your opinion on this. If I tell him...I will scare him,right? and I will look desparate. I'm not the type of girl to confess her feelings. Should I wait and see if things work out with the other guy? I'm tired of waiting. I've waited for months.
And If I should tell D.,HOW should I do it?

I'm done Very Happy
By the way,I am a virgin so it's not possible to move on by having sex with other guys (and oh God,there are some hotties out there! Shocked )

So yeah...the situation *IS* bad.

Some other facts

I am 19.I'm white.

D is 22.He's black.

his girlfriend is ..18. Rolling Eyes and white.
Wow, thats one heck of a situation you've got there, but I don't really know what to say... Sad
haha wow interesting story. what you need to do is to tell yourself, I am the best and i deserve the best.
it seem the only problem is that you're surrounded by guys that has no game what so ever and D was the first one that lead you thur an emotional roller coaster ride. Female act upon emotion not logic.
what you need to do is enjoy yourself, have fun, keep meeting as many different people as possible, socialize. Stop concerning yourself with finding that "ONE GUY." and all your headaches will be gone. LIfe is short have fun.
watch Kat Williams Chronicle of a Pimp.
Keep it cool !!!
and it'll go a longer way.
I read the whole thing... And i have only one thing to say... I AM OUT OF WORDS

Man u are really confused...

If u want to see d and his gf together let them be.. and u get outta d pic.. never meet him again

And learn to adjust in life... its all about making compromises in life. Deal with it... U cant have everything in life
Forget the guy who has a girlfriend. Do you anyway want a boy who wants to cheat on his girlfriend? The only reason he did not sleep with you, is because you stopped him!

It does not matter how pretty or ordinary she is. She is the one he (obviously) wants to be with. He probably sees something that your friend does not see - her personality for example.

Good luck with that new guy. He might not be the one, but he is a big step forward from the guy who definitively isn't the one. Especially not when he has a girlfriend.
I think you should see how it goes with this other guy. D sounds like he's a great match for you and all, but he did almost cheat with you, and besides, he's taken. It doesn't matter how pathetic his girlfriend is. He wants her and I know it hurts, but you've got to live with it. See if this new dude is cool. You're 19. You're going to have plenty of other boyfriends. Don't get hung up on one guy who doesn't know what he is missing.

Ther's also one other side that hasn't been mentioned. Sure, he likes to go clubbing with you and he likes talking with you an all, but maybe there's a reason why he chose a simple, ordinary girl. Maybe he has a normal day life and just wants to kick it with some squares. some guys have off switches.

in any case, give new man a chance, don't turn back.
Maybe he also waited long for you to tell the honest truth from your heart, and for the last time i think you should do it. Give him the final option. Just do it once, and if it turned out negative, then move on.
so what's the update? what did you decided to do?
yeah, really. how did it go?
Did you move on? I understand its hard to finda true love. But the Mr./Miss. Right could never be a single choice answer.
i think she's not there anymore
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