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Does no good deed go unpunished? (a tale in several parts)

Sometimes I really do think so.

Recently I was called to my Aunt and Uncle's place to help them out because they both had either really bad colds or flu. I lived at their place for two weeks, leaving my own pets in the "care" of friends in the house where I live. Any way, after two weeks of being cook, dishwasher, nurse, waiting on both of them hand and foot ... and at which time my uncle began feeling better ... I came down with it. Now my aunt, his sister, is pretty much confined to bed so she can't be expected to help me while I'm sick. But I would have expected more from my uncle.

Even sick, exhausted, in pain and trying to cough up my lungs I was still expected to cook, wash dishes and while not exactly still expected to wait on both of them. I had to at least help take care of my aunt. My aunt does need the help, and I do not mind giving her that help, she's going to be 84 the end of November and I love her dearly, but my uncle is actually 4 years younger than I am. (long story, for another post)

...end part one...
Part 2

One example of just plain not caring is when my uncle got ready to go out one evening after he had recovered. He went out and got us dinner so I wouldn't have to cook anything (thank goodness). He fixed my aunt's food and took it to her and then on his way out the door told me that mine was sitting on the stove in the kitchen. How hard would it have been, and how long would it have taken to get a soft drink from the fridge and bring me that carry out bag on his way out the door?

I asked twice for a thermometer to see if I had a fever because I don't know where he keeps things, never got one. But then after two and a half weeks of not getting any better, he decided that I needed to go to the emergency room half way across town. I don't know that part of town, I felt like total hell and I've been out of town for over 12 years. Plus, add to the facts that I can get lost in a walk in closet. Could I get him to drive me over there and even just drop me off to come back and get me later?

Any one want to take bets on that? Nope, I drove myself.

... end part two
... part three

I had to stop twice for directions but finally found the place. I spent 5 hours there (as I expected I would) got no real answers as to what it was. But I was given an inhaler, some nasal spray, and some pills ... no antibiotics. (I have no insurance) Although they did take care of me. I had a chest X-ray, they drew blood and put in an IV just in case they would have to get some medication in fast and had me on heart and oxygen monitors. And they insisted I drink a lot of water.

It was dark when I left, feeling even weaker than when I arrived after the exertion of just being there and not having anything to eat all day. And, of course, I got lost on the way back to my uncle's house. If I hadn't been able to find my way downtown and follow the bus route back I would have been lost in a bad part of town at night while being sick and weak.

A couple of days later, I gave up and left. I dragged my sick self back to my room where I have room in a big old rambling house owned by some friends.

... end part three
... part 4

Once I got there and dragged myself up the stairs all I wanted to do was fall on my futon mattress, which is on the floor and sleep. However, the friends who were supposed to be looking after my cats and bird while I was looking after my aunt and uncle kind of let me down. My cats' water bowl was totally dry, they only had crumbs in their food bowl and the parrot's water was dirty and so low that I don't think that with the shape of her beak she could have gotten a drink of it if she had really wanted to. Also, the litter box, for two cats, had not been cleaned.

So, I had to clean and fill food and water bowls, clean the bird cage, clean the littler box, water my plant and take out the smelly garbage the clean up had created ... before I could climb back up the stairs, strip and fall into my futon.

I was so sick by then that I was chilling one minute and sweating like a racehorse the next. My bird was mercifully quiet and let me rest and my cats stuck to me like velcro, they all knew I was sick. Before I came home I had called an Avian vet to make sure that what ever it was that I had I couldn't pass it on to my bird or the cats, or my friend's dog.

... end part 4
... part 5

I actually got to rest for about 4 days. I didn't begin to recover, but I got to rest. I still had no help. I had to trudge down to the kitchen to get my own food, to the store if I had to buy something, and I had to drive myself out to find where I needed to go in order to vote in the presidental election. I would have crawled there, if I had too. Thank goodness, I got there at a slow time and there was no line, I was barely able to stand up long enough to mark my ballot.

Today is Saturday, Nov. 8th. I am feeling a little better but I still have the deep cough.

On Thursday, my uncle called me and said that he needed my help. He discovered bedbugs, they had just moved there so I suspect they were in the apartment when they moved in. But any way, now EVERY THING has to be packed and sealed, all clothing has to be washed, dried and sealed in plastic bags BEFORE the place can be treated. And my uncle has more stuff than some of those people who have hoarding disorders. This is going to be a nightmare.

Is there anyone else who can help? NO. You see, I'm disabled, I can't hold a regular job so I guess he figures I have nothing else to do anyway. Everyone else works, so they have no time.

Any way, more later ... time to get to work
That sucks Sad hope you feel better.
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