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Sep 23 2016
A Blast From the Past
A very old (in a manner of speaking) member returns and ignites nostalgia in everyone else!
Sep 3 2016
What are your favourite podcasts?
This thread features some interesting podcasts that Frihost members seem to really like!
Aug 14 2016
Could you watch an execution?
This thread asks a simple question, but delves into deeper philosophical questions around the death penalty. Could YOU witness someone being executed?
Aug 2 2016
Server 4 Crash and Cancellation
Server 4 has crashed and we were unable to recover data :( If you were earlier hosted on Server 4, we are giving you double the space and bandwidth on alternate servers.
Feb 8 2016
deanhills appointed as Moderator on the Frihost Forums
We're happy to announce the appointment of deanhills as a Moderator on the Frihost Forums. We're sure that he will be able to execute his new responsibilities with speed, dedication and passion. :)
Jun 22 2015
Bikerman now a Forum Adminstrator
Congratulations to Bikerman who is the newest Frihost Forums Administrator!
Jul 7 2014
Server 2/3 move + take backups
Server 2/3 (including website/forums) is going to be moved to a different server. Also please take a backup.
Jun 30 2014
Server 1 hacker/bot
A hacker/bot got through on Server 1. Active accounts will be moved in the next few days.
Aug 7 2013
Problems with server 1
Main ip address blocked by datacenter due to DDOS attack on the server.
May 20 2013
Server 1 problems
Server 1 was compromised and needed a new os installation. Current status inside.
May 1 2013
Guess the number of posts every month
deanhills is giving out coins to whomever can guess the total number of posts on Frihost for a given month!
Dec 24 2012
Happy Holidays!
Frihost wishes you all a Merry Christmas, Hanukkah and a Happy New Year!
Nov 20 2012
Retiring the directory
Due to a lot of problems with the directory and a lack of usage, I'm retiring the Frihost Directory.
Aug 23 2012
VPS1 Server move
Announcement and details about the imminent server move of VPS1 accounts.
Jul 22 2012
Server date fixed as it was a day in the future
Unfortunately this will cause new posts to appear before posts from the latest 24 hours and not at the end of the topic - my apologies.
May 6 2012
Python enabled through mod_wsgi on Server 4
I managed to enable Python scripts through mod_wsgi on Server 4. Please test it out!
Apr 26 2012
7 years of Frihost
I'm happy to announce our 7th anniversary. We celebrate it with new ranks and more bandwidth. The competitions will be restarted and the release of the Frihost game is imminent.
Apr 25 2012
2 new language moderators
2 weeks ago Vanilla became the moderator of the Portuguese forum and today Mrs Lycos accepted to become the moderator of the Spanish forum.
Apr 1 2012
Evil Daddy takes over Frihost
I am Evil Daddy and I have conquered your precious Frihost. The battle was short and bloody and your previous site admin Bondings has been seen fleeing to his spaceship at his first sight of me. What a loser!
Mar 11 2012
New hosting accounts quota
The disk size and bandwidth quota have been upgraded. Current Server 4 users get some extra to make up for the recent server problems and server move.
Mar 5 2012
Server 4 move
In a few days (or whenever the new server is ready) Server 4 accounts will be moved to a new and much more powerful server in German datacenter. More information and updates/status inside this blog post.
Mar 4 2012
Quality Posts Contest (March)
Deanhills is rewarding quality posts made during the month of March with a lot of Coins.
Jan 26 2012
Avatar Matching Contest
Peterssidan has collected and photoshopped a random bunch of avatars from around the forums. Try to match the avatars to the right members!
Jan 20 2012
Server 4 problems (17-20-01-2012)
Server 4 was compromised and restored. My apologies for the problems.
Dec 24 2011
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
The Frihost team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Nov 10 2011
Hammy's Interesting Thread of Interesting!
An interesting topic about what's been happening in the lifes of our long-time members.
Jun 25 2011
1 million posts!
We finally reached the one million posts! It's time to celebrate! Hosting accounts will be upgraded and some competitions to win a free domain!
Jun 21 2011
The new referral system
The new referral system is finally ready! You can gain up to 100 Coins for referring a new user to Frihost!
Jun 10 2011
VPS1 new ip addresses
Due to some kind of IP address recall at the datacenter, the ip addresses of VPS1 will be changed during the next 4 days (until 14/06/2011).
May 24 2011
Choose the best entry in the previous competition!
What is the best entry in the Does this work competition?
May 12 2011
New Server 4 - Server 4 users please read!
The move to a new Server 4 has pretty much been finished now. Users on Server 4 should read this.
May 8 2011
Upcoming server move of Server 4
As announced in a previous blog post, Server 4 will be moved to a new server, probably next week already.
Apr 27 2011
6 years of FriHost!
I'm proud to announce that FriHost just got 6 years old.
Apr 6 2011
New competition: Does this work?
In this new competition, called Does this work?, you have to analyze some kind of method, product or claim. The winner gets a free domain or 350 Coins.
Apr 5 2011
LittleBlackKitten wins the New Year's competition
LittleBlackKitten has won the New Year's resolutions essay competition. Congratulations!
Apr 1 2011
FriHouse, a free house for everyone!
Today we are launching a new service on Frihost: FriHouse which will provide you with a free house in exchange for coins.
Jan 25 2011
What is the best New Year's resolution
Share your opinions about the entries of this competition!
Jan 8 2011
Hard disk failure for Server 4
Very bad news for Server 4 users, please read this, updates will follow.
Dec 24 2010
New Year's resolutions essay competition
I created a new essay competition for New Year: New Year's resolutions.
Dec 14 2010
Deanhills wins the first essay competition
Deanhills has won the first essay competition with his entry about the history of internet addiction.
Dec 8 2010
The best entry in the history competition?
Now that the entries of the "History of topics related to Frihost" competition are visible, please share your opinions about the entries.
Dec 1 2010
About Frih$ and Coins changes
Frih$ earning is now disabled (trading/spending/donating not of course) and you can now trade/donate coins.
Nov 30 2010
New home page design
I have changed the design of the home page. What is your opinion?
Nov 25 2010
Ocalhoun's hiking/survival gear
An detailed explanation of all the gear ocalhoun is carrying while hiking. Definitely a must-read if you like hiking.
Nov 18 2010
Our first essay competition
Take part in our first essay competition (History of topics related to Frihost) and win a free domain or the equivalent in Coins! You get a week to write your essay, so hurry!
Nov 17 2010
Essay competitions, finally there
Yes, finally some good news. I finished coding the first type of competitions, the Essay competitions.
Nov 12 2010
New Faith forum and restrictions
A new Faith forum has been added with restricted discussions.
Sep 17 2010
Free domains (beta)
I'm very glad to announce our newest feature, free domains. Yes, that's right, we will be offering top level domains (like .com/.net/.org) to our users!
Sep 17 2010
What are those new coins, how to earn them and what can you use them for?
Aug 22 2010
Form to request a reset of very negative points
I just finished the request form for points resets. If accepted this will reset your points to something positive. It is only allowed infrequently and after having recently made a few decent posts.

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