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Essay competition: Does this work?


Competition description

In this essay competition you need to critically analyze a method, claim, product or anything similar. Does it work, how does it work, why does it work, when does it work, ...

This is a very broad range you can choose from. Some examples: Product X against stains, Stretching against injuries, Counting sheep to try to get asleep, ...

You decide yourself how you analyze it. Here are some tips about what you can take into account:
*What is being claimed about it or how is it being done?
*What is the logical/scientific reasoning behind it?
*What are the results and what are the results of tests on the subject, if available.
*What do you think about it? (maybe as a conclusion)

Only a few essay topics are provided. The point is that you choose something that you are interested/familiar in. Things that are regarded as common wisdom are also a good idea to be used. It can be quite interesting to see what is actually the reasoning behind it and what is true about it (if there are tests, facts, ... that you can find about it).

Competition details

This competition started on Wed Apr 06, 2011 3:09 pm and isn't finished yet.
Users get 30 days to write essays.
The essays writing period has started on Wed Apr 06, 2011 3:09 pm and ends on Fri May 06, 2011 3:09 pm.
Creating your own essay topic is allowed.

Competition prizes

The winner gets a domain or the equivalent in Coins.

Competition winners

Essay competition topics

Does your Email provider gives all you need!! (will eventually appear as a topic in the Suggestions forum) (Created by gurani)
The Free email service providers are fully loaded with Ads and SPAMs, weather is Gmail, AOL, yahoo, Rediffmail. They give you, Almost unlimited space, add on functionality, filters, some Applications like and lots of free services. Does it's Enough!!!! Recently people complaining their Gmail, AOL, yahoo, Rediffmail (Free email service) A/c got Hacked, My personal Gmail A/c was too hacked. Not only free, But paid email services also fall into HACKER's ZONE Does any email service provide ANTI-HACKING application !!!!!!! Does they work on such possibility!! Does they worried about their customer's privacy!! Does they ASK their customer, what they Needed!! Does we will get such email service, in this INTERNET ERA !!!
Essay being written by gurani
Does homeopathy work? (will eventually appear as a topic in the Health and Beauty forum) (Created by Bondings)
Discussion about the high dilution of substances in water (or other forms like sugar pills) called homeopathy. How it's claimed to work, what the real effects are and what the results of tests are.
Essay being written by ahnguye5
Do anti-biotics work for skin problems? (will eventually appear as a topic in the Health and Beauty forum) (Created by deanhills)
There is plenty of evidence that anti-biotics don't work for skin problems. At best anti-biotics may suppress the problem, but once the anti-biotic is stopped, the problem flares up again. Why are doctors prescribing anti-biotics for long periods of use, when there is clear evidence that long-term use of anti-biotics can wear the immune system down and be harmful to the body as a whole?
Essay being written by deanhills
Does Astrology realy changes one's fortune? (will eventually appear as a topic in the Faith forum) (Created by bukaida)
From the very beginning of the mankind, people tends to believe that the planets and stars have direct effect on our future. If we can please them by wearing particular gems stone(Every planet has its's own), everything can be achieved. But in modern days of science, when we know almost everything about our solar system, how far these beliefs are true? Interestingly these astrologers have considered the Sun and the Moon as planets, while the first one is a star and the later is Earth's only natural satellite.
Essay being written by bukaida
COUD LIFE SURVIVE INSIDE A BLACK HOLE? (will eventually appear as a topic in the The Universe forum) (Created by abhishek56748)
BLACK HOLES are gaint gravity wells gobbling up everthing that goes too close.But can something exits in it?-Previous theories says that subatomic partics such as protons can have stable orbits inside the internal structure of some black holes.Really at the centre of galaxies,supermassive black holes could allow particles, and perhaps even planets with life, to orbit the singularity without being destroyed.The singularity is located at the heart of a black hole, and is the place where the laws of physics and space-time break down.It's surrounded by the event horizon, a region beyond which objects need to travel faster than the speed of light to escape the black hole. Because nothing can theoretically travel faster than the speed of light, nothing escapes once it's passed the event horizon. There are some places where particles and planets could have stable though unusual spiral orbits. Such a planet would be brighty illuminated by the singularity and by photons trapped in the same orbit.Advanced civilizations or alien civilisation may live safely inside the black hole,But such a civilization would have to cope with extraordinary conditions including huge tidal forces and massive energy densities as photons become trapped.There's also the problem of causality violations, where the rules of space-time don't apply.We usually thinks that, it is impossible to know what is occurring beyond the event horizon of a black hole,and rest is upto us because we can change our future.
Essay being written by abhishek56748
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