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Frihost is a popular internet community, founded in April 2005. It was originally oriented towards technical and web hosting related topics, as we provided and continue to provide completely free web hosting. We are, however, evolving into a social community website with free web hosting as simply one of our many features.

We provide a free web hosting account to all active members of our community. At least 5 quality posts are needed to apply for an account. Participating in our community by posting in our forums or commenting on blog posts and pictures is required to keep that account. For more information about the whole process, please check our Hosting Guide.

We offer free top-level domain names in exchange for Coins, a new forum currency that is gained by posting. Click Here for an explanation of how this works.

Our Community Forums with over 80,000 members and over a million posts are a gathering place for people all over the world to discuss a variety of topics ranging from computers and software to relationships and philosophy. They also include a few forums in other languages like Dutch, Polish, French, Spanish, Turkish and Portuguese. The forums are moderated firmly by our staff in order to avoid any spamming, flaming and unwanted posts.

Since recently, we now hold frequent competitions where all members may participate to win prizes, which include free domains.

The Frihost Directory, yet another feature we provide to our members, is certainly worth a look and contains some of the websites we host.


Site Admin


Steve "Bondings" founded Frihost in April 2005 and owns and administrates this whole website.

Junior Admins


tidruG's real name, ironically, is Gurdit. This was the first web-board I joined, and got addicted to the concept of an online community right away. Becoming a Moderator in less than a month of joining the forums gave me the opportunity to give back to Frihost and its community as much as I got from it. In fact, I enjoyed the forums so much that I stopped working on my website to participate more in the forums. I was later "promoted" to be an Account Creator and help create hosting accounts for new users. A few months back, I was offered the position of Junior Admin (which, naturally, I accepted with delight), and this gives me the incredibly fun perk of being able to access the famed Frihost Admin CP and ban people. Currently in college, I have very less time to dedicate to my website, which has been under construction for months now. However, I do find the time to keep and update a simple blog called Thought Overflow.


I'm 29 years old and I'm Portuguese. I already had white hairs (hmm.. did Frihost have anything to do with that.. I wonder...) before I married last year to the woman that I hope will stand by my side throughout life. I have an 8 months old son that put's a smile on my face everyday when i get home from work. They would be the main reason why you don't see me around Frihost (or a PC, for that matter) off work hours.

During the day I divide myself between my real life work as a Systems Administrator, and Frihost. I am a regular at other forums too, with that same nick (and a similar avatar) so you might find me around.

At the moment there isn't much time for hobbies (unless you can consider changing dippers and feeding babies a hobby) but when I have time i dedicate myself to the most varied sports, being it football, basketball, voleyball, body board, skating, BTT, or any other sport that may put me to an hospital Razz I'm also very fond of reading and playing games on my PC, mostly Counter Strike and PES6. Don't know if you agree, but my work is also one of my hobbies, so when i have time, i spend lot's of hours testing new software and building up new stuff that i can later on use at work.

I've been with Frihost from day one (or was that day two? hehehe) and I'm the oldest active human in our forums. I joined the staff not long after this, mainly because i already had experience in moderating other forums (200K+ users) and the rest of it you can easilly check in our forums. Believe it or not I stumbled uppon frihost by accident and have never left since. Hope I brought something good to Frihost and am not just remembered as the mean administrator (being mean comes with the job, I guess...)


In the red corner, weighing in at 200 pounds, three KOs 5 wins and 1 loss in 6 matches ... Intrrrrrroducing .. Myself !!!

Account creators


I'm an 21 year old British Patriot. I (unofficially) represent the UK at Frihost, attempting to change the currently non-existent 'Account Creator' rank to resemble the St George's Flag (according to James).

I initially signed up to Frihost very soon after it's creation after finding it in my detailed search for open hosts. My needs required features which other free hosts simply didn't provide. After testing the unique process and then the exceptional hosting, I transferred my project at that time over and became more involved in the community, later being appointed a moderator, which led to more work when I became an Account Creator. I enjoy my work at Frihost, meeting people of all ages, cultures and even languages, every person having a unique set of interests. Some people I have been able to help, teach and guide, others have doen the same for me.

My real name's Matthew. 'mathiaus' originated from my auntie attempting to convert my name to a 'Latin-Roman' name. I liked the result. I currently work in a small IT department at a pharmaceutical company. My role is very varied which I like (short attention span). Now long term future plans just yet, but I have my whole ahead of me...right?!


Hey, I'm "Animal." I joined Frihost in late 2005 looking for a webhost to publish e-ignite - my privacy-related website. Frihost offered the best feature-set that I could find, and the community forums were both interesting and easy to become part of. After finding the vast amount of professional features available with Frihost's services, it fast became a learning experience for me and launched my interest in website development. Thanks to the services Frihost offers and the excellent support available via the community forums, I was able to gain the skills and experience required to create and launch several different websites. I now offer help and support to friends and family using knowledge gained through Frihost.

I was appointed as a Forum Moderator and Account Creator, and was more than happy to directly support the community that was so accommodating to me. Personally, I enjoy both listening to and playing music, enjoy a number of sports and spend too much time and money in my car - all of which have to take place when I'm not at work. My pet hates include TV "Talent" Shows, bad music (see previous statement) and forum spammers!


Hi everyone! My name is Vrythramax (no, it's not my real name, what parent would name their child something like that!?), but most people just call me Max as it saves alot of typing and typos. I joined Frihost in January of 2006 and was invited to the Staff in the same year. I was also asked to become an "Account Creator" shortly after that. My current duties here at Frihost are Moderating the forums, and reviewing (and either accepting or denying) applications for our Free Webhosting. I don't post as much as I used to, but it's a pretty safe bet that I am lurking somewhere behind the scenes. Working here at Frihost has been one of the best times I have had on the Internet. The people are great, the Staff is friendly, and the topics are diverse. So get out there and mingle and remember to POST POST POST!!!


Hello everybody. You might not know but being a double-o seven isn't easy. I registered at the end of summer '05 and I pretty soon became the Dutch language moderator (as I volunteered for that position when the Dutch forum got created). A little later I became a "global moderator" and I got the opportunity to contribute more to the forums. I'm creating (and rejecting) accounts for quite some time now too.

I enjoy being a moderator very much and I would like to keep this job for a very long time. I think the Frihost moderating team is one of the most proficient teams I ever saw and I'm very happy to be part of it.

According to tidruG, users who are spamming should fear me, but I wouldn't have a clue why. (Okay, maybe I do.)

Visit my site at


I'm a relative new Frihost staff appointee however am quite at home in Frihost Server 1. I'm hoping we can get new accounts to be created again at Frihost after a long period of inactivity and am very grateful to tidruG and all of the other Frihost staff who supported my appointment. I've logged a few years experience at Bondings' other post to host Website so do have experience with creating and managing hosting accounts on Frihost Server 1. Before I was also on the staff of from 2011 to 2012 both as Moderator and Account Creator. Bondings purchased at the same time as (June 2012). He initially mothballed with the hope to relaunch it later, but this became permanent eventually.



Living in Israel, working as a FPGA engineer in a large organization.
In my spare time, which I have very little of, I moderate your posts. Smile


Hello everyone, I am Rvec in real life known as Yaron. I am 21 years old and work as a PHP-programmer at a company in Utrecht (Netherlands).

I registered on Frihost in 2005 and was only active on the dutch forums at first. I didn't want to become a mod at that time but that would change when I went to the English sections and became active on the IRC chat. In 2007 I became a moderator and co-owner of the IRC-bot.

When I registered on Frihost I needed the hosting. After a while I got my own server so I didn't need the hosting as much as I did before. I still kept posting on the forums because of the friendly people and the great support on everything.

Nowadays I have a VPS and because of that and my job I'm not that active on frihost anymore. I still try to join IRC and visit the forums every few days, because I like the people and want to help people like I've been helped in these forums.


Hi everyone. In real life I'm Chris and I'm one of the older members of staff (nearly 50). I live in the UK - in Cheshire - with my wife and our 4 dogs. I'm a lecturer/teacher (IT/Computing) and have also worked as a computer systems manager and a recording technician/engineer. I use the nickname Bikerman generally on the internet - it arises from the fact that I am a biker, though I have just sold my FZR1000 Yamaha and am currently looking for my next ride.

I originally joined Frihost in 2006 - like many I was looking for free hosting. I have since got my own servers and don't need the hosting so much - my hosting is currently being used for a joint project with another Frihost user.

I am a bit unusual amongst the staff in that I post quite often (mainly in Philosophy and Religion and in the Science forums). When I do post then I am just a normal user and people should not treat my postings differently to any other posting.


My main goal here is to keep the Philosophy and Religion and Faith forums running smoothly, since those have been troublesome in the past, and I was seen as a neutral party between the usual belligerents. Though, I do still moderate quite a bit in other forums.
In keeping with being a neutral party I don't allow myself to moderate within discussions that I'm actively participating in.

I was a member here for quite a while before finally becoming a moderator, and have seen Frihost grow from an early stage, and like Bikerman, I remain very active in the forums.

Language Moderators


mariohs (as mathiaus, small "m") joined Frihost in October, 2005 looking for a webhost to start blogging. I took no time to find Frihost community wonderful and start helping other members while dealing with website development and also with generic doubts, specially in Portuguese forums. I was then invited by Bockman to join Frihost team (which I found out to be a great team), as a language moderator. I accepted it immediately and now Frihost tooks so much from my spare time that I still haven't put my website online Very Happy. I'm from Brazil, and moderate the Portuguese forums together with Bockman.

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